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  • Tour Leader Lucio Gnai

    Lucio Gnai

    Lucio was born in southern Italy, in one of the small towns of Apulia in the Lecce area. He studied and lived in Bologna, where he developed a love for poetry, geography and pedals. He is a passionate cycle mechanic in… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Justin Wuycheck

    Justin Wuycheck

    Justin got into leading cycling tours in 2007 because he wanted to be paid to ride his bike. From 2004 until 2013, Justin immersed himself in French culture, cuisine and cols (mountain passes), before trading that in for the ’rounder’… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Jessica Brenzikofer

    Jessica Brenzikofer

    Jessica found out about leading tours while she was on a self-guided tour herself. Now she shares her passion for cycling with everyone she encounters, whether on tour or back at home. Jessica lives in Basel, Switzerland, where she is… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Ivan Mercier

    Ivan Mercier

    Ivan was born in northeastern France where his parents introduced him to cycling and hiking. He earned a business degree but his passion for adventure won out. He has extensively travelled the world and has led tours in South America,… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Ilaria Zinzani

    Ilaria Zinzani

    Ilaria started leading tours with ExperiencePlus! in 2013, after she moved back from Berlin to her hometown of Faenza, where the ExperiencePlus! European headquarters is located. Ilaria is a full time yoga teacher, passionate traveler, love of India, and since 2017 she… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Ignacio Sierra Fernandez

    Ignacio Sierra Fernandez

    He loves nature, mountains, and bicycles. When not leading tours, he works as a photographer and filmmaker. He makes the best sangria of all the ExperiencePlus staff.  Read full article

  • Tour Leader Giannis Adamoudis

    Giannis Adamoudis

    Giannis started leading tours with ExperiencePlus! in 2022. He is also a kitesurf and snowboard instructor. In his free time he rides his mountain bike and enjoys the outdoors with his dogs. Giannis lives in Greece and travels far and wide.  Read full article

  • Tour Leader Gian Cavini

    Gian Cavini

    In deep love with art, food nature and the outdoors.   Read full article

  • Felix Tandler

    Felix started leading tours with ExperiencePlus! in 2019. He is a passionate cyclist, connecting personal athletic challenges to travelling and getting around, or just riding up and down his beloved hills of Tuscany. He was born and grew up in Bavaria,… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Frederico Witula

    Federico Witula

    Federico was born in Emilia-Romagna, the region where ExperiencePlus! headquarters are located. He has lived in Italy, Ireland, Chile, France and Indonesia. After obtaining a master’s degree in geography and territorial planning at the University of Bologna, he worked for 10… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Dan Mitre

    Dan Mitre

    Dan was born and raised in Romania in a beautiful town in the heart of Transylvania (I know what you think, but sucking peoples’ blood is for some reason illegal now) and developed love for the outdoors, nature and animals… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Cesare Pedrini

    Cesare Pedrini

    Cesare quit his office job and started his dream career as a tour leader with ExperiencePlus! in 2019. Since then he has led tours in Italy and other European countries. Born in Italy, Cesare has lived in the UK and in… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Bartul Dragicevic

    Bartul Dragicevic

    Bartul is a freelance software developer who has embrace a digital nomad lifestyle that he has combined with his other big passions, bike touring and gastronomy. He has been travelling by bike since 2008 and in the process visited over 40… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Aurore Lucas

    Aurore Lucas

    With a degree in photography, I have experienced this beautiful world through the lenses of my camera for about 20 years.   Thanks to my sense of observation, I was able to release a few books in my name between nature,… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Aurore Debry

    Aurore Debry

    Aurore leads tours with ExperiencePlus! in France, Spain, and Belgium. She previously managed a supermarket and a yoga school until she left everything to travel by bike around Europe for a year and a half. Eventually she decided to combine all… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Anja Neral

    Anja Neral

    Read full article

  • Tour Leader Antonio Laforgia

    Antonio Laforgia

    Antonio started to lead tours in 2016 and joined ExperiencePlus! in 2019. When he’s not on tour he works as a Documentary Filmmaker and Video Producer. Based in Florence, Tuscany, he believes it’s the ideal place to cultivate his passion for… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Alvise Callegari

    Alvise Callegari

    Alvise was born in Padua, north-east of Italy where he currently lives. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Foscari University of Venice. Additionally he got his instructors license in several sports such as kayaking, rafting and swimming. He… Read full article