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  • Matias Gatica Duco

    Matias Gatica Duco

    Matías was born in Chile, but his wanderlust spirit soon made him leave his country to start exploring the world. Following this vocation, he studied anthropology in Buenos Aires. Music and sports have always been part of his life, so… Read full article

  • Anastasia Papadogianni

    I live in my home town of Sparta and work as a Special Education teacher. I am very grateful for living in a small town because everything flows peacefully and I have the time to enjoy activities in the nature… Read full article

  • Pau Sima Sola

    I live in Menorca. I studied Political Science. I love doing sports when I have the chance, and also playing board and video games, I must confess. I started getting involved in cycling many years ago in Berlin, where I… Read full article

  • Elu Redondo

    I’m a passionate cyclist and amateur illustrator, with a deep love for food, art and culture. Traveling is my love language. Read full article

  • Elen Tusell Ivanow

    Hi! I was born in Barcelona and studied nursing but realized that I cannot stand too much time indoors or get used to a Monday to Friday, 8 hours-a-day job! So, I started mountain leader studies in the Pyrenees and… Read full article

  • Jörg Schmiedel

    My name is Jörg. I was born and raised in Germany and spent most of my time after university working abroad as a language teacher. I always had a thing for changing places but rather late in a young man’s… Read full article

  • Milada Kratochvilová

    Milada Kratochvilová

             Milada is from Czechia and she lives in Prague and in Austria. She studied Agriculture at Uni, but mostly worked in tourism and sports. She is a ski and snowboard instructor and licensed guide for Prague… Read full article

  • Francesco Paliferi Tour Leader

    Francesco Paliferi

    He is 100% Roman who now lives in a very old farm house located in Umbria where he grows his own vegetable garden, he makes honey and produces olive oil. In 1995 he became a big supporter of the famous… Read full article

  • iris_marischi

    Iris Marischi

    She was born in Austria but discovered early that the Mediterranean was where she really wanted to live. Her passion for traveling and ancient cultures brought her into the tourism industry – it was the perfect way to travel the… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Adam Phillips

    Adam Phillips

    Adam grew up in the UK, and after training for seven years to become a physicist, he naturally decided to become a farmer. After several years working on farms and vineyards in France, it was time for another change. He… Read full article

  • Attila dalla Palma

    Born in Predazzo, in the heart of the Dolomites, Attila has travelled across Italy for most of his childhood while following his parents in their work as sport reportage journalists. That imprinting gave him the great opportunity to discover the… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Wassim Chouakria

    Wassim Chouakria

    Wassim was born in the beautiful city of Annaba, Algeria, and spent his childhood there. After he learned to walk on his own two feet, he moved to France to finish his computer science studies. He settled down in the… Read full article

  • Tour leader Sonia Guillemette

    Sonia Guillemette

    Sonia left her native Quebec to discover the world in 1996, starting with a few months in Honduras to learn Spanish. She also lived in Cameroon and French Guiana while working as a flight attendant. In 2002, she decided to… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Sebastiano Peyronel

    Sebastiano Peyronel

    Before leading tours with ExperiencePlus!, Sebastiano worked for mountain bike associations and as a bicycle mechanic. He lives in Piedmont close to Torino and is passionate about nature and alpine environments which he explores by hiking, climbing and skiing.  Sebastiona is passionate about… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Panos Paraskevopoulos

    Panos Paraskevopoulos

    Panos was born in New York and moved with his family at a very young age to Greece where he learned to appreciate, and developed a passion for, nature. Panos earned his undergraduate degree in marketing management and has worked in… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Nicolai Baun Ruiz

    Nico Baun Ruiz

    Outdoor sports and traveling are my favorite hobbies. I train almost daily for endurance sports (ski touring, trail running, mountain biking or road biking), I enjoy photography and filmmaking, and I love to travel. He loves sharing his knowledge of… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Melanie Chilesotti

    Melanie Chilesotti

    Melanie was born and raised near Venice in the city of Padua. She fell in love with cycling at age 21 when she decided to pedal across Italy from her town in the north all the way south to Sicily.… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Martina Safarikova

    Martina Safarikova

    Martina was born in Czech Republic in Prague, where she graduated in sport management studies. A professional sports instructor, Martina dedicates her time to skiing, snowboarding, climbing and biking, which allows her to connect her hobby with simultaneously working and… Read full article