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  • images of flooding faenza, italy


    Post-flood update: mud, devastation, and perseverance

    On May 16 and 17, historic rains — 20 inches in 36 hours —  caused massive and destructive flooding throughout Emilia’s Romagna’s Ravenna, Forli and Cesena provinces and the town of Faenza. Thousands of people have been displaced as their… Read full article

  • illustration of an all-electric plane of the future

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    Flying into a green future

    Transportation accounts for nearly 50 percent of global tourism’s annual carbon footprint. Inside that segment, air travel has the greatest impact. As the auto industry makes huge advances in consumer electric vehicle offerings, we at EP wonder: how long will… Read full article

  • News

    Top tours for seaside cycling

    Top tours for seaside cycling Spring and summer are the times for renewal and what makes you feel refreshed more than taking a dip in the sea after (or during!) a long day’s ride on the Mediterranean (or the Adriatic,… Read full article


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