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Tour Leader Lucio Gnai

Lucio was born in southern Italy, in one of the small towns of Apulia in the Lecce area. He studied and lived in Bologna, where he developed a love for poetry, geography and pedals. He is a passionate cycle mechanic in various “bike kitchens” in Italy, and he loves to bicycle tour alone and in the company of friends. Lucio loves sharing anecdotes about the places he rides through and the people who inhabit them. He also loves dialects and minority cultures, so when you are with him you may stop often to meet someone local.  

  • With ExperiencePlus! since: 2022 
  • Languages: Italian and English 
  • Favorite bike item: Frameset 
  • Favorite place to ride: The place I haven’t cycled yet 
  • Next dream vacation: Along the Balkans, Chile and Namibia