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Top 50 rides from EP tours

View of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert

No one knows ExperiencePlus! tour rides better than our tour leaders and staff who design and ride them all the time. So as part of our 50-year celebration in 2022, we asked our tour leaders and staff to list their favorite rides from individual days on any ExperiencePlus! tour from across the company’s history. Here are their top picks.

Since there are so many reasons to love a ride, we organized them according to the common themes that emerged as people told us WHY these were their favorite routes.

  • Top Picks: Rides nominated more than once by tour leaders and staff.
  • Scenery: Coastal views, magnificent mountains, exhilarating climbs, endless vistas, and all-around beauty.
  • Perfect Day: Not too long, not too short, not too hard….but a perfect blend of riding, scenery, culture, and food.
  • Special Experiences: Some roads lead to amazing visits to local artisans, an unforgettable meal, or an unforgettable opportunity.
  • Landmarks: Historical, archaeological, local – any point of interest that has a story worth sharing.

Tips for view rides on the map

  • Each ride appears as a colored squiggle or dot on the map below. You can click on the line/dot to click through to the ride.
  • Select and deselect the tabs at the bottom of each map to toggle through specific themes for each ride.
  • Once a theme is selected, you’ll see a brown square with a white “i” appear. Hover your mouse over the “i” to see the name of the ride. Click the “i” to read some basic info on the ride and a link to the tour the ride is from. This won’t go to the full route information.
  • Click on the squiggle line to see more in-depth ride information, including a link to “View the Route,” which opens up the ride’s full description, profile, and data.