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Post-flood update: mud, devastation, and perseverance

On May 16 and 17, historic rains — 20 inches in 36 hours —  caused massive and destructive flooding throughout Emilia’s Romagna’s Ravenna, Forli and Cesena provinces and the town... Read More »

family of four on bicycle tour in Europe

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First bike tour renews family’s spirit

A number of years ago, former ExperiencePlus! employee Ian Wells took part of his family on their first-ever EP bicycle tour. They weren’t experienced cyclists and some members of the... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!: Rider Spotlight

3 Perspectives On Touring With E-bikes

I have known Janice and Larry for more than 20 years. I met Janice through our local women’s mountain biking club. Janice’s svelte, steely physique and superior VO2 max allow... Read More »

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Finding the Plus! on her First-ever Bike Tour

Those of us who love bicycle touring know that our reasons for doing so are as varied as the places we choose to explore. But making a decision on where... Read More »

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Meet Sara Verlicchi – Italy Tour Manager

In 2022, ExperiencePlus! celebrates 50 years of guiding award-winning bicycle tours throughout Europe and beyond. Our European staff are the backbone of our operation. Whether tour director, fleet manager, mechanic,... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!: Rider Spotlight

Fifteen and Counting. . .

In 2022, ExperiencePlus! celebrates 50 years of guiding award-winning bicycle tours throughout Europe and beyond. Customer referrals and repeat travelers have helped us build a company that is recognized for... Read More »

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EPTurns50 Sweepstakes Winner

We were inspired by the hundreds of entries we had for our 50th anniversary sweepstakes. Thanks to everyone who submitted their favorite ride! Our randomly selected winning entry comes from... Read More »

About ExperiencePlus!: EPTurns50

Celebrating the Camino de Santiago

Note: Our 50th year celebration includes a special tribute to three Classic ExperiencePlus! tours: Bike Across Italy, Best of Provence, and Cycling the Camino de Santiago. We selected these tours for... Read More »

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Two Sisters. Ten Years Running the Family Business

ExperiencePlus! was founded in 1972 by Rick and Paola Malpezzi-Price and their daughters, Monica and Maria Elena, grew up with the business. As children, the two joined their parents on... Read More »

Passau, Germany phot courtesy of Wikipedia

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A Day On Tour With ExperiencePlus!

A Day On Tour With ExperiencePlus! Michael and Therese from HITravelTales.com joined ExperiencePlus! this summer. They shared a few of the many photos and videos they took while Bicycling the Danube... Read More »

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Tour Leader Lisa Merighi’s Take on Travel and Culture

Sharing Culture An Interview with Tour Leader Lisa Merighi Upon meeting Italian tour leader Lisa Merighi you’ll quickly learn she is a well-traveled woman of strong character. She has cycled... Read More »

Bicycle Tours in Europe

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Pointed In the Right Direction: A History of Chalk Arrows

Guided Independence A History of ExperiencePlus!’s Chalk Arrows In 1985, a group of eight cyclists in Vinci, Italy sat around after dinner. Their tour with ExperiencePlus! (then called Italian Specialty... Read More »

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Why We Travel

Why We Travel … The conversation surrounding why we travel and what happens along the way is no new concept.  One motivation that has recently surfaced to the forefront of... Read More »

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Adventures With Tour Leaders: Off Season

Adventures With Tour Leaders: Off Season Endeavors If you strike up a conversation with any of our tour leaders,  you’ll immediately note that these bicycle-loving travelers are dynamic individuals who... Read More »

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The Chalk Arrow Advantage

The Chalk Arrow Advantage Our time-tested navigation tool – how it all started In the era of limitless navigation devices (Smartphone, GPS, good ‘old fashioned’ maps), ExperiencePlus! simplifies complex routes... Read More »

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Giving back in 2016

Committed to our Community We believe in giving back! From Forli, Italy, to Fort Collins, Colorado – or wherever we find ourselves pedaling – we’re always looking for ways to... Read More »

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