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4 Bicycle Tours to Kick off Spring Cycling

by Jessie Beyer - Tuesday, January 9, 2018

4 Bicycle Tours to Kick Off Spring Cycling

Say goodbye to winter blues and get back into cycling shape. These four bike tours are sure to get you back in the saddle and pedaling towards another season of cycling and adventure.

Cycling Puglia’s White Villages Plus! the Salento

Start your tour of Puglia in Matera, one of the cities mentioned in the New York Times’ Top Places to Visit in 2018.In 2019, the town of Matera, a Unesco site, will host the European Capital of Culture.”

Puglia, which straddles the Adriatic Coast between the spur and heel of Italy’s “boot”, is still one of the lesser-known, but richly rewarding gems of Italy. It offers those who seek its singular charms 500 miles of colorful coastline wrapped in the crystal blue embrace of its two gorgeous seas: the Adriatic and the Ionian. Though it seems to continually be on the verge of wider discovery, Puglia is still uncrowded and unspoiled.

A few highlights to look forward to: Mixture of Greek & Italian culture, classic Puglian landscapes, the beautiful scenery of the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, hillside villages, three World Heritage sites

Spring departure dates:

  • Apr 22-May 2, 2018
  • May 13-23, 2018

Find all the details and dates about our tour in Puglia Southern Italy Plus! the Ionian Seaside here.

Cycling the Camino de Santiago

There’s a reason National Geographic Traveler hailed this route as one of “50 Tours of a Lifetime.” Our bike tour follows the “camino frances” along what is considered the original Camino de Santiago as written by a monk in the 12th century paralleling the walking path on paved country roads. Along the way you will visit churches, tombs, vineyards, ruins, palaces, museums, and try traditional foods and wines as you receive stamps on your Pilgrim’s Passport throughout the tour. The Camino de Santiago, or St. James’ Path, is the perfect bicycle tour for more experienced cyclists ready to take a once in a lifetime trip and plunge into one of Europe’s most historically important corridors.

A few highlights to look forward to: Follows the route of the Codex Calixtinus, 1000 years of history along the Camino de Santiago, gather stamps on your Pilgrim’s Passport, guided tour of León, option to hike one day with other pilgrims, Burgos, Santiago de Compostela.

Spring departures:

  • May 25-Jun 8, 2018
  • Jun 15-29, 2018

Find all the details and dates about Cycling the Camino De Santiago here.

Cycling Chile Wine Country Plus! The Pacific Coast

The Maule and Colchagua wine valleys of central Chile were featured in National Geographic Traveler as a must-see for both adventurers and foodies. What better excuse to hop on a bike and pedal the gently rolling terrain along the foothills of the beautiful Chilean coastal mountains and the fertile central valley while tasting some of Chile’s world-class wines? Join us on our bicycle tour of the Chilean wine country where we pedal through vineyards ripe for the harvest before turning south and bicycling along the scenic Pacific Coast. We stay in historic colonial cities such as Santa Cruz and and visit secluded villages and fishing towns along the way.

A few highlights to look forward to: The vibrant capital of Santiago, Chile’s Central Valley, historic towns like Chépica and Nancagua, Chile’s pacific beaches, harvest season, Lago Vichuquén and, of course tasting some of the New World’s most prestigious wines.

Spring departure:

  • Mar 10-20, 2018

Find all the details and dates about our Cycling Chile Wine Country Plus! The Pacific Coast here.

Corsica Plus! Beaches and Bonifacio

From the sea, Corsica appears as a large piece of Alpine Europe floating on a bed of cobalt blue. In fact, Corsica is geologically more closely related to the Alps than it is to its larger neighbor to the south, the Italian island of Sardinia. Palm-lined streets bustle with colorful marketplaces and the island’s official language, French, fills the streets with a variety of exotic dialects brought here from northern Africa, Italy, and the rest of the Mediterranean basin. An island of beauty, Corsica is also an island of delightful surprises for the cyclist looking to explore.

A few highlights to look forward to: Mountain scenery, extraordinary coastal scenery, French and Mediterranean food, picturesque villages, beautiful Pisan and Genoese churches, fabulous beaches, impressive watchtowers along the coast.

Spring departure:

  • May 10-20, 2018

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