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  • Matias Gatica Duco

    Matias Gatica Duco

    Matías was born in Chile, but his wanderlust spirit soon made him leave his country to start exploring the world. Following this vocation, he studied anthropology in Buenos Aires. Music and sports have always been part of his life, so… Read full article

  • Jörg Schmiedel

    My name is Jörg. I was born and raised in Germany and spent most of my time after university working abroad as a language teacher. I always had a thing for changing places but rather late in a young man’s… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Wassim Chouakria

    Wassim Chouakria

    Wassim was born in the beautiful city of Annaba, Algeria, and spent his childhood there. After he learned to walk on his own two feet, he moved to France to finish his computer science studies. He settled down in the… Read full article

  • Tour leader Sonia Guillemette

    Sonia Guillemette

    Sonia left her native Quebec to discover the world in 1996, starting with a few months in Honduras to learn Spanish. She also lived in Cameroon and French Guiana while working as a flight attendant. In 2002, she decided to… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Panos Paraskevopoulos

    Panos Paraskevopoulos

    Panos was born in New York and moved with his family at a very young age to Greece where he learned to appreciate, and developed a passion for, nature. Panos earned his undergraduate degree in marketing management and has worked in… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Jessica Brenzikofer

    Jessica Brenzikofer

    Jessica found out about leading tours while she was on a self-guided tour herself. Now she shares her passion for cycling with everyone she encounters, whether on tour or back at home. Jessica lives in Basel, Switzerland, where she is… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Frederico Witula

    Federico Witula

    Federico was born in Emilia-Romagna, the region where ExperiencePlus! headquarters are located. He has lived in Italy, Ireland, Chile, France and Indonesia. After obtaining a master’s degree in geography and territorial planning at the University of Bologna, he worked for 10… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Aurore Lucas

    Aurore Lucas

    With a degree in photography, I have experienced this beautiful world through the lenses of my camera for about 20 years.   Thanks to my sense of observation, I was able to release a few books in my name between nature,… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Aurore Debry

    Aurore Debry

    Aurore leads tours with ExperiencePlus! in France, Spain, and Belgium. She previously managed a supermarket and a yoga school until she left everything to travel by bike around Europe for a year and a half. Eventually she decided to combine all… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Anja Neral

    Anja Neral

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  • Tour Leader Sophie Deslauriers

    Sophie Deslauriers

    She was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Sophie has been living in France in the Grenoble area since 2009 after making a ‘small’ detour by China. After studying history and then graduating from a business school, she worked for… Read full article

  • Stéphane Brochemin

    Stéphane Brochemin was born and grew up in Lyon where he also studied and earned his degree in French literature. He has worked as a flight attendant, hiking guide, and tour leader, starting bike trips in 1996. He has adventured… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Enrico Dal Monte

    Enrico Dal Monte

    Italian native Enrico dal Monte grew up in Vicenza and Venice. After graduating in Oriental Studies and International Politics at the University of Venice, he worked as translator and teacher in Australia, Italy, and Israel. He speaks six languages. Apart… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Roberto Laghi

    Roberto Laghi

    Roberto grew up in Faenza, Italy and lives in Avignon, France. After getting a Middle East Studies B.A. and a Master’s degree in Public and political communication, he worked for about ten years as a free-lance editor, journalist and consultant.… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Jo Kent

    Jo Kent

    Jo had a transatlantic upbringing moving between Canada, the US and the UK. She studied and worked in the fields of geology and database programming but eventually traded office life for a move to France to work in a vineyard.… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Loic Tyberghein

    Loïc Tyberghein

    Loïc was born in the city of Liège and spent most of his life in Lincé, a small village near the Belgian Ardennes, just three kilometers from La Redoute, the most famous climb in Liège-Bastogne-Liège. He studied at the Université… Read full article

  • Montse Bosch Olives

    Montse was born and bred in Minorca, a beautiful, unspoiled Balearic Island in the Mediterranean.  Sports have had a great influence on Montse’s life since she was a teenager. She loves cycling, climbing, hiking, and sailing, along with other adventure… Read full article

  • Tour Manager Sabrina Moriconi

    Sabrina Moriconi

    Sabrina describes herself as “one of those trilingual European-Americans” who doesn’t really know where to call home. She grew up in Washington D.C., and spent summer months in Italy and Belgium. She studied history at Columbia University. She currently lives… Read full article