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  • st francis of assisi church courtyard

    New: Self-guided tours in Italy

    ExperiencePlus! is excited to introduce new self-guided tour offerings in Italy, beginning in spring 2024. From the shores of Lake Garda and the peaks and valleys of the famed Dolomites to the Apennine Mountains, Tuscany’s golden landscapes, and the green… Read full article

  • Sugo Marinetti: Artichoke and Pistachio Pasta Sauce

    As a company with half of its roots from Italy, we love pasta and learning about different types of pasta sauce. This particular sauce is not only interesting because it has a number of non-traditional ingredients (and we know how… Read full article

  • Top 5 Experiences on the Camino in 2023

    If you’re new to ExperiencePlus! you may not know that Cycling the Camino de Santiago is one of our longest-standing tours. We celebrated the 544-mile journey throughout 2022, which marked our 50th anniversary. The tour is unique among our offerings because it follows a centuries-old… Read full article

  • Dish made of orzo, asparagus, and lemon juice

    Recipe: Lemony orzo with asparagus and garlic bread crumbs

    When I first worked for ExperiencePlus! back in the last century, our offices were housed in Rick and Paola’s basement. We lunched together in their south-facing, well-lit kitchen which opened to the backyard and an enclosed solarium-like space where I… Read full article

  • Expand your riding options with RWGPS

    Have you ever heard yourself or a friend say they have no idea where to go on a bike ride? While some of us love to explore and make up routes as we go, others need more than encouragement, they… Read full article

  • burgundy and champagne

    The non-wine lover’s guide to Cycling Champagne & Burgundy

    If you’ve never been cycling in France, consider our 8- and 11-day bicycle tours in the country’s northeastern regions of Champagne and Burgundy. These tours combine some of the best French history, culture, and traditions that you could experience on… Read full article

  • asparagus

    Roasted Asparagus with Hollandaise and Potatoes

    Spring marks the beginning of asparagus season in Germany and in France and is cause for celebration because it also means that spring has arrived and warmer days are ahead. In Germany asparagus fever continues until mid-June and takes many… Read full article

  • packing

    Packing cubes and other hacks

    Each year we pick a gift for travelers who do more than one tour a year, we call this our “customer appreciation gift”. And this year, we picked compressible packing cubes! While not revolutionary, using packing cubes for travel is… Read full article

  • ebike

    Let’s talk E-Bikes!

    Is an e-bike right for you? Things to know before you go. What is an e-bike? As implied by name, e-bikes are powered by a rechargeable electric battery that supplies power to a motor that gives the bike a boost… Read full article

  • Experience Plus Group Photo

    Bike shorts we love

    The following article was written by Jules Horton, Purveyor of Bicycle Vacations, and Carol Busch, Marketing & Customer Communication Manager.  Whenever you think about biking longer distances, your pants should always be top of mind. While the majority of our… Read full article

  • images of flooding faenza, italy

    Post-flood update: mud, devastation, and perseverance

    On May 16 and 17, historic rains — 20 inches in 36 hours —  caused massive and destructive flooding throughout Emilia’s Romagna’s Ravenna, Forli and Cesena provinces and the town of Faenza. Thousands of people have been displaced as their… Read full article

  • cuba

    Support for Cuban People

    Experiencing Cuba’s Local Culture Americans are now welcome to travel to Cuba as long as their visit meets 1 of 12 approved ‘purpose of travel’ categories. Should you be joining us on one of our bicycle tours in Cuba your trip… Read full article

  • what the helmet

    What the Helmet?!

    You leave on a bicycle tour in a few days and you’re busy making last minute packing adjustments. You’ve gone through the painstaking work of deciding which shoes you can leave at home, whether you need a back-up jacket, and… Read full article

  • Platter of smorrebrod offerings

    Danish smørrebrød for a simple summer supper

    If you’ve been lucky enough to bicycle tour in Denmark, you know that Danes love food – fresh, local, simple, and healthy. Small farm stands are a common sight while pedaling quiet country roads. I’ll never forget purchasing a small… Read full article

  • Summer crowd pleaser: watermelon, mint and feta salad

    The heat of summer for a pale gal like myself is never a reality that I care to face. I experience great discomfort in heat and humidity. Fortunately, there are a few edible antidotes that can begin to temper my… Read full article

  • croatia

    How to book at tour at the last minute

    We understand how a sudden urge can tug at the heart, or how an unexpected change in life direction can open the door to spontaneous travel. So when it comes to joining an ExperiencePlus! tour at the last minute, we… Read full article

  • illustration of an all-electric plane of the future

    Flying into a green future

    Transportation accounts for nearly 50 percent of global tourism’s annual carbon footprint. Inside that segment, air travel has the greatest impact. As the auto industry makes huge advances in consumer electric vehicle offerings, we at EP wonder: how long will… Read full article

  • pedal across borders

    Multi-country bicycle tours

    Border crossings by bike The majority of our guided bicycle tours occur entirely within the geopolitical borders of a single country. Yet, many tours start in one country and end in another. These ‘multi-country’ tours are a great opportunity to… Read full article