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See you in Moab for Roll with Bob Roll

Cyclists ride the Colorado River Road near Moab, Utah

Join the fun November 7-10, 2024

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It’s June and you want to find a bicycle tour to take next year. You’ve heard that spring is a lovely time to bike in Europe, but the idea of being physical ready by April or May seems daunting, if not impossible, because who rides in winter? It’s just too cold where you live.

Chip Chilson, formerly with CTS Carmichael Training Systems, is an Aspen, Colorado-based cycling and endurance coach, ski pro, and event organizer, would like to help you change your mindset. And, he has a an entire team of professionals – including internationally known cycling figure and broadcast personality Bob Roll and cycling coach and ExperiencePlus! training program expert Joe Friel – in his back pocket ready to show you how over four days in early November.

Chip and Aspen Sports Performance call the event Roll with Bob Roll and this year, friends of ExperiencePlus! have access to a very sweet 2-for -1 registration deal (so keep reading!).

For 15 years, Chip and Aspen Sports Performance have collaborated with Bob Roll to present the mid-autumn gathering for cyclists and athletes of all ages and abilities. Based in Moab, Utah, from the Aarchway Inn, the 2024 event runs November 7 through 10 and features daily ‘no-drop’ road and mountain bike rides and women and kid-specific coaching and riding, but also caters to runners and hikders.

“You absolutely do not have to ride a bike to participate,” Chip says. “Morning activities, combined with three evening seminars will leave you highly motivated on the path to a better, healthy-living lifestyle.”

Daily rides, runs and hikes are complemented by evening seminars from doctors, nutritionists and coaches, including Dr. Max Testa, on nutrition, longevity, mobility, and healthy living. But first, Four-time Leadville 100 winner – and geologist – Laurie Brandt kicks off the seminar series with a presentation on Moab’s unique geology.

“You’ll take that knowledge Laurie shares and apply it every day on the bike, whether you ride the Colorado River Road or the La Sal Mountain Loop,” Chip says.

Overall, the event is designed to help athletes and cyclists prepare and plan for staying fit year round by connecting them to lifestyle, health, nutrition, fitness and training guidance. ExperiencePlus! staff will also attend the event to participate in rides and talk about the role bicycle touring can have in building a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

“This is a great opportunity for ExperiencePlus! to meet cyclists who are eager to learn what bicycle touring, whether on a guided or self-guided trip or a DIY adventure, is all about,” says ExperiencePlus! co-owner MariaElena Malpezzi-Price. “When you spend several days in a row on a bike, you begin to see the world a little differently. We see that happen all the time on tour and we want to help more people experience that shift.”

Aspen Sports Performance doesn’t want any cyclists to feel intimidated by the event, which initially started as a training camp for avid riders. Chilson himself understands what it means to be an aging rider who is no longer focused on time or distance. His passion lies in uplifting cyclists who love to ride and want to learn how to do it as long as possible.

“Fall is a great time to get excited for the next year. It’s when focused athletes set their goals and begin planning  how to achieve them,” Chip says. “We draw on that philosophy to encourage participants to work toward maintaining a base level of fitness that lets them ride all year long.”

You might like to know

Bring your own, ship it to the hotel or rent bicycles in Moab. Riders are welcome to bring both road and mountain bikes (e-bikes as well), or, they can focus on just one discipline. Bob Roll will specifically join daily road rides.

Visit www.rollwithbobroll.com and click on “Itinerary” for a overview of each day’s activities.  Rider’s don’t have to register in advance for daily rides. Groups split into ability levels and interest each day

There is an organized, planned road ride for all four days. You may ride the full length or shorten the route as you need. Day 3 offers the longest and hardest ride option, a 64-mile loop into the La Sal Mountains east of town. If you choose to mountain bike one day or all days, you’ll still ride with a coach and disperse into groups based on your ability and interests.

Non-riders need to register for the event if they wish to participate any organized activity, including stretching, daily hikes, and seminars.

Special ExperiencePlus! discount – 50 percent off

Roll with Bob Roll is offering ExperiencePlus! cyclists a 50 percent discount on the event’s early bird booking fee through July 31. That brings the per-person registration fee down to $997.50. Lodging is extra, but participants can book their room directly through Chip for $99/night. After July 31, registration, which will include lodging, jumps to $2,595 per person. Meals are not included in any packages, although Continental breakfast and a fabulous coffee bar is included in your hotel stay.

Registration for the event is easy. Submit the pre-registration form below. ExperiencePlus! will share your contact information with Chip who will reach out to you directly to finalize your participation and take payment.

Have questions?

Contact Chip Chilson directly and mention you are affiliated with ExperiencePlus!

  • Email: chip_chilson@msn.com
  • Phone: (970) 948-1212

Contact Carol Busch with ExperiencePlus!

  • Email: carol@experienceplus.com
  • Phone: (970) 549-0962