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A selection of common questions.

If any other questions come to mind, please call us at 800-685-4565 or email us!

What’s included in my tour price?

Please see a full list of what’s included in your tour price here.

What kinds of cyclists take your tours?

Our travelers tend to be recreational cyclists who pedal during the summer and on weekends during good weather. These folks might make up 50-60% of your group. The remaining cyclists might be split between complete novices (who have never pedaled more that 10 miles in their life) and avid cyclists (who will ask for more mileage every day).

If I come alone, will I have anyone to cycle with?

You'll naturally find others in the group who pedal your speed. Most of our groups include 2 - 4 solo travelers.  Because we simplify navigation by marking the road with chalk arrows, couples can easily split up and ride at their own pace.  We're happy to tell you about the group composition before you sign up.  Just give us a call.

How many people will there be on my bicycle tour?

Our typical minimum is 6 people and the typical maximum is 18, however we do occasionally go as low as 4 people and as many as 19. ExpeditionPlus! and Bike and Boat tours have higher maximums, usually between 20 to 25 people. Some tours also have higher minimums such as our Bike and Boat Tours. Call us and ask about the departure you are interested in as we normally have a good idea of how tours fill during certain times of the year.

What differences should I expect on a Bike and Barge tour?

Find out everything you need to know about our Bike and Barge tours here.

Do you offer private or custom tours?

We sure do! Check out our private and custom tour information here.

Do you offer any any discounts?

We sure do! Take a look at our discount page here.

What are are accommodations on tour like?

We use comfortable hotels and local-style inns. In Europe, this means they are primarily 3-4 star hotels. We might occasionally use a 2 star hotel when there are no other choices. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, so we choose comfortable, well-managed hotels. With just one or two exceptions all rooms have a private bathroom.

Above all, we select our hotels for location. In cities, for example, our hotels are within walking distance of city-center sights. When we (rarely) choose a luxury hotel far from the center of town, it’s worth it.
In Argentina/Chile our hotels are, of necessity, a mixture of traditional, small country inns and modern resort hotels. 


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions/preferences?

We do our best to accommodate all dietary preferences and restrictions although in some locations access to various food supplies can be more limited than others.

Can you help with flight arrangements?

Flights are not included in our tour prices. ExperiencePlus! does work with a flight consolidator named Exito and we are happy to request a quote for you. Read more here.

Can you help me with travel arrangements?

ExperiencePlus! offers help with travel logistics! We are here to help you coordinate your transportation to and from the tour, as well as reserving extra night’s stay at your tour starting and/or ending hotels.

Where do I get travel insurance?

ExperiencePlus! recommends the Premier Plan from Arch Insurance Solutions. Coverage designed exclusively for ExperiencePlus! travelers that provides you with both trip interruption/cancellation and medical coverage, and has a convenient online enrollment. Read more about our insurance program here.

What will the weather be like on tour?

We plan our tours around the best cycling season. For tour-specific information we suggest the follow websites for more detailed weather information about your tour.

What are the terms and conditions after you book?

What kind of clothing or other gear should I pack for a bike tour?

We provide a detailed packing list that includes all you need but not too much. Many of our customers wear lycra bike shorts and cycling jerseys for the rides. We also recommend gloves, sunglasses and a helmet (mandatory). 

What kinds of roads are we riding on?

We design all of our bicycle tours to use quiet roads and peaceful bike paths, whenever possible. After all, we want you to have a fun and safe time! But if you ever have a question regarding the quality of roads or traffic on any tour route, please give us a call. We'll be glad to talk with you about it. If you are particularly concerned about traffic and prefer bike paths our Sightseer tours are an excellent choice

Should I select a road bike or hybrid.

Quick answer: whichever bike you are most familiar with and comfortable riding. 

For more insightful look at the difference between these two bike types read our article with information that will help you select the right bike for you.

I usually ride a road bike but a friend suggested I use a bike with upright handlebars to see the countryside better. What do you think?

You should ride whichever bike you are most comfortable on and which you normally ride. We find that a trip like this is no time to try out a completely new bike. If you ride both styles at home the choice is up to you. Unless otherwise noted in the itinerary all of our routes are suitable for road bikes.

Is an e-bike a good option for me?

E-bikes handle much like a regular bike and can be a great alternative for cyclist needing an extra boost. E-bikes provide greater access to bicycle touring for cyclists that are recovering from injuries ( and have not fully regained previous fitness levels), less-experienced riders, and those desiring the opportunity to conquer more challenging tours.

Because these bikes are heavier (50+ pounds) they require both strength and balance particularly when mounting and dismounting the bike and traveling at slow speeds. If you have trouble with stability, handling or balance these bikes are not recommended for you. We encourage you to try out a pedal-assist e-bike at your local bike store to make sure you are comfortable riding these types of bikes.

Read our full article on e-bikes here.

I like a mirror on my handlebar are they compatible with your bikes?

All of our bikes, including e-bikes, in Latin America and Europe accommodate bar-end mirrors. 

Do I need to bring my own helmet?

We require everyone to wear a helmet on tour. We recommend you bring your own for best fit and comfort. If you prefer not to travel with your own helmet we can provide a lightly-used helmet upon request. Please be sure to provide you helmet size.

Should I bring my own bike saddle?

If you've found a saddle that works well of you then by all means bring it. This is especially important because you will be riding a number of days in a row so being comfortable is key.  We do have a variety of saddles available and carry extras if you'd like to use one of ours.

May I bring my own pedals?

Yes, we encourage those who want to have ‘clipless’ pedals to bring their own, and don’t forget your shoes!

Should I bring my own bike?

We find that if you are very tall, very short, or just hard to fit in general, it may make sense for you to bring your bike. But 99% of our customers find that the bikes we provide are perfectly adequate. Take a look at the detailed description on Our Bikes page and let us know if you have any questions.

If you decide to bring your own bike, you will be responsible for transporting or shipping the bike to and from the tour and will cover any costs I incur in so doing. You must be able to assemble and disassemble your bike and have the tools and any spare parts necessary to maintain its operation.

Do I get a discount if I bring my own bike?

We don't give any discounts if you bring your own bike.  But if there is space in the van we will happily transport your bike box to the end of the tour.

Do you offer self-guided tours?

No however, our sister company, CycleEurope, offers self-guided tours and bike rentals in Europe. Follow this link for more details.

Have more travel questions?

Please take a look at our ‘After You Book’ resources for additional travel information, including specifics to the countries you plan on visiting.

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