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Let’s talk E-Bikes

by Jessie Beyer - Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Considering Touring With An E-Bike?

Things to know before you go

“In 2015 the e-bike market in the USA saw a 34% increase and it’s expected to continue to grow 16% annually for the next 6 years. In Europe it’s even bigger than that.” -Igor Baccini, ExperiencePlus! Fleet and Equipment Manger

Electric bikes, or e-bikes,  have been captivating the attention of urban cyclist for a number of years and, increasingly, ExperiencePlus! has noticed an uptick in e-bike inquiries. So, we’ve compiled a brief summary about e-bikes and how they are incorporated into ExperiencePlus! tours in Europe and South America.

What exactly is an e-bike?

E-bikes are bicycles with integrated electric motors that increase a cyclist’s pedal power. Our hybrid and u-frame style pedalecs (pedals assisted bikes) feature state of the art technology that provide a nice boost when your pedal stroke increases. In the simplest of terms, the more you’re pedaling the more assistance the bike is providing (think uphill climbs!).

Before you request an e-bike for a cycling tour in Europe, here are a few things you should know:

E-bikes handle much like a regular bike and can be a great alternative for cyclist needing an extra boost. E-bikes provide greater access to bicycle touring for cyclists that are recovering from injuries ( and have not fully regained previous fitness levels), less-experienced riders, and those desiring the opportunity to conquer more challenging tours.

There are additional considerations to be made when requesting one for your next cycling adventure.

  • These bikes are much heavier (53 pounds) than a regular bike. As a result, they can be difficult to load and store on our vans, so we limit the number of e-bikes to two per tour.
  • In general the average range of our battery packs is 110km (68 miles). The operating range depends on many factors such as the assistance level, gear switching behavior, route profile, head wind, and temperatures.
  • E-bike rentals are not included in tour prices. For 7 to 8 day tours there is an additional $250 fee, and for tours that are 9 days, or longer the fee is $300.
  • The e-bike drive automatically switches off if speeds exceed 25km per hour (15 mph).
  • Though the bikes are very quiet the electric engine does produce a light but constant noise.
  • Riding an e-bike is easy and we will offer you instructions at the bike fitting. Just know that because of its weight the e-bike handles a bit differently than a regular bike. It might take a day, or so, to reach maximum efficiency using the pedal assist.

Still Interested?

If an e-bike sounds like a good option for you, contact for details and availability.

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