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In the 50+ years we have been operating international cycling tours we have learned to expect the unexpected, and to be prepared for any surprise that may be thrown our way. Providing safe and memorable trips to our travelers is our highest goal, which is why we have implemented safety protocols which we continuously revise and update. Safety training has a high priority in our Tour Leader training, and if something does happen, we have emergency policies in place. Below, we outline some of the measures we implement.

Health and safety protocols

At ExperiencePlus! one of our top priorities is that you have a safe trip, and that includes staying healthy. Especially on guided tours, group travel necessitates close contact with others who are traveling with you, as well as with local communities.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you have all necessary vaccinations so you can minimize your risk of infection and potential disruption to your travel plans. If someone does become ill while on tour — whether they test positive for Covid-19, get a stomach flu or catch a nasty cold — we want to minimize the risk of contagious diseases spreading throughout the group by adhering to health and safety protocols.

  • Masks are available for use in vans or close settings. We highly encourage use of masks on public transportation before, during and after the tour. 
  • On guided tours, vans are equipped with hand sanitizer. We recommend you carry some on your bicycle for use throughout the day.
  • Tour Leaders are trained to provide high standards of hygiene when preparing and serving snacks and picnic lunches or when interacting with travelers. 
  • On guided tours, seating for group meals will prioritize outdoor spaces or private/secluded rooms with good ventilation.
  • If someone does exhibit cold or flu symptoms, we will ask them to follow certain measures as long as the symptoms last, where reasonable and appropriate, to protect themselves, and the rest of the group. When the person no longer has symptoms, they will be welcome to fully participate in group activities.
  • Testing for Covid is voluntary.
  • If medical assistance is needed, we will follow our standard medical protocols on tour and support you in seeing a medical professional. 

Preventative measures in respect to the group may include: asking the ill party to abstain from group activities, wearing a mask when in the presence of others, and eating apart at group meals. In some cases, we may provide in-room meal service until the person feeling ill is better.

We also ask that the ill person maintains good hygiene practices like sneezing and coughing in the elbow, frequently washing hands, and refraining from close contact with others in the group. If the illness gets worse and medical assistance is needed, we will follow our standard medical protocols on tour and support you in seeing a medical professional. 

Travelers will be responsible for any extra expenses resulting from needing to isolate.

We suggest you purchase Travel insurance as most plans cover medical assistance (including for Covid), and some plans also cover trip delay and trip interruption coverage which includes quarantine or isolation delays due to Covid. Read more about travel insurance.  

These safety measures are based on and will continue to be updated and adapted as per US Centers for Disease Control (US CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and local health guidelines.

Below are some helpful links to review the current status of travel alerts or warnings. ExperiencePlus! monitors these sites. In the event something does come up, we keep in close touch with our local teams to assess any potential concerns. 

If you are a US-Citizen, then the STEP Program is an excellent way to register your travel plans with the nearest US-embassy of your destination: 

On the first day of your tour we will have a comprehensive bike safety and orientation talk that explains how things run. On guided tours, each day Tour Leaders will hold a briefing to discuss the next tour day’s highlights and logistics. If there are any specific safety concerns about the route or logistics Tour Leaders will highlight them at that time.  

Inherently, touring by bicycle means that you will encounter a variety of road conditions, including smooth pavement, but may also encounter sections that can have rough surfaces. Emergency facilities may not be in the immediate vicinity.  

In case something does happen, our Tour Leaders are trained in handling emergencies and will follow an emergency protocol.  

About 14 days prior to the tour start, ExperiencePlus! will provide all travelers with access to departure content via RideWithGPS Experiences, which will include emergency numbers, instructions who to call in case of an unexpected situation prior to or during the tour, and more. If someone from home can’t reach you and needs to get in touch with you while you are on tour, they should contact our US-office. 

Even though we plan our trips in the driest and most preferable months weather-wise, we recommend you always take rain gear and warm weather layers. Take a look at our packing list as you start planning.  

On guided tours, should adverse weather conditions exist, our Tour Leaders are trained to handle them, and may restructure planned days. 

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