Travel planning

We often get questions about what type of hotels we select, what the rooming options are, and how the private room fees work.

ExperiencePlus! prices all trips as double occupancy – which means that there are two people sharing a room together with either one or two beds – depending on preferences. Solo travelers will have a double room to themselves.

We thought we’d pull together answers to all those questions so that you can have a clearer idea of what to expect and how to choose the room option that works best for you.

Our accommodations capture the culture and history of your destination. You will enjoy a mix of lodging styles on tour that showcase mom and pop hospitality with modern amenities. As most of these hotels were built in the last few centuries, rooms are not always the same standard across each property and they can differ from what you might expect at home.

Types of rooms

In many European hotels a room designed to accommodate one person has one bed (generally a twin bed) and oftentimes – because it is a “smaller” room – it has less space in general.

If you choose a “Private Room”, and pay the Private Room charge we generally book a “double room for single use” so that you can enjoy more space than what might normally be available in a single room at the same hotel.

Private Room Charges may differ depending on the tour you book. You can refer to the Dates & Prices section of your chosen departure to see the fee.

For travel companions who prefer to share a room, your room will be equipped with one Queen (or larger) sized bed or two beds pushed together with queen or king sized bedding.

If you prefer two separate beds, most hotels will have two single beds in a standard “two bed” room. Sometimes these beds are quite close to each other –  within arm’s reach of one another. In rare cases and mostly in Germany and Austria, both mattresses might be together in the same frame but have separate bedding.

There are very few hotels in Europe that can accommodate three adults comfortably in one room so we do not offer this option. If there are 3 of you, you will need to pick a room for two people (double) and an additional Private Room. The only exception is adult(s) traveling with children. In this case a cot or small bed can be added to a room so that children can share with parents. If a triple isn’t possible, children will not be assigned a roommate that is someone other than a family member or known travel companion. Instead, two rooms will be provided and a Private Room fee applied.

Expect smaller beds: Though they may be described as Queen, Full and Twin they are smaller than standard beds the same name due to space restrictions on boats.