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Why I Bike – Episode 5

(from our staff and tour leaders)

Andro Tartaglia – ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader Croatia

I enjoy riding my mountain bike in remote and quite places. It gives me an opportunity to relax and not think about everyday stress! Also, I believe it is healthy. A nice quite trail with a good climb and then as a reward a great downhill is for me one of the best ways to start the day. After 2 hours on my mountain bike I am ready to face all the problems this world can give me.

Joeann Gutowski – ExperiencePlus! Business and Reservations Manager

I also enjoy leading ExperiencePlus! bike trips which gives me the opportunity to share my love of bicycling, Dalmatia and Croatia. I love it when it all comes together; great views, perfect roads, great local food, and a little bit of history. Join Andro on September 29th to Bicycle the Islands of the Dalmatian Coast

My reasons for cycling are various and all equally important to me.  My commuter bike is a mode Joeann enjoys the ExperiencePlus! Best of Provence bicycle tour.of transportation for commuting to work and for running those close errands around town. I am not a bike fanatic, just an everyday Jo(e) that for environmental and economical reasons likes those weeks that log more miles on my bike than on my car. But you won’t catch me riding on snow and ice very often.  My road bike takes me on rides to both socialize with others and rides to enjoy time alone with my thoughts. It routinely takes me to tackle some local hills for cardio and strength conditioning—cycling being one of my favorite forms of fitness. My mountain bike is semi-retired and I hop on it for some dirt road cycling while camping in the mountains. I find there is no better way to see new parts of the world and to revisit old ones than by bike. Cycling has provided me with many adventures. Putting all these common cycling-centric reasons aside; I ride my bike because I enjoy it, it makes me feel good, and it is tremendous fun.