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Andro Tartaglia

Andro was born in Split, Croatia in 1981. He graduated from The Faculty for Economics at the University in Zagreb, the capital and largest town in Croatia. Unlike his collegues at his "real job" Andro does not like spending much time indoors, so he is more than happy to guide bicycle tours and help people to discover the beauties of his country!

In winter Andro teaches skiing in The Austrian Alps and enjoys going back country skiing, ski touring and mountaineering. His long absences from home have made him realize how beautiful it is in Dalmatia – the region where he was born -  best climate, best food and best life, as Andro would say.

Andro’s relationship with ExperiencePlus! began in 2006 when he met Rick Price, ExperiencePlus’s founder, who was in Croatia scouting new trips.

"Andro was superb!! A highly capable cyclist, knowledgeable, fun to be with, on top of things without being obvious."

“Andro was excellent; He was extremely conscientious and genuinely concerned about every detail of the trip and all the participants.”

“Andro’s knowledge of Croatia was wonderful and the love of his country was simply infectious. It was clear that he cared that everyone was having a good time.  His ability to help us find interesting places to eat and communicate with the local folks really enhanced our trip.” 

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