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Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

Reviewed by Monica Malpezzi Price. Anybody who was gripped by The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown will enjoy this well-researched, historical novel by British author Kate Mosse. While there... Read More »


The Leopard by Giuseppe Di Lampedusa

Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! Traveler and regular contributor to the Rambler Newsletter, Bill Giovinazzo. In May of 1860 one thousand “Garibaldini”, or Redshirts, sailed from Genoa to Marsala to free the... Read More »


The Italians by Luigi Barzini

Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! Traveler Bill Giovinazzo. I know there is a God. I know that he/she is good, kind, and loving. There is no doubt in my mind about this... Read More »


Celebrate Italy’s 150th Birthday

As the ExperiencePlus! Italia 150 bicycling expedition begins May 7th in Marsala, Sicily we thought it would be the perfect time for all of us to acknowledge Italy’s unification. Unfortunately... Read More »


Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross King

Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! Customer Bill Giovanazzo. She lay there, basking in the sun of a Tuscan August. Her beauty is beyond any of her kind. She is the queen of... Read More »


A Bell for Adano by John Hersey

Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! Customer Bill Giovanazzo Italy, Italia, is unique in the world. From the voluptuous bosom of the Tuscan hills to the fishing towns on Apulia’s Adriatic coast, the... Read More »


Che Guevara and the Mountain of Silver by Anne Mustoe

Che Guevara and the Mountain of Silver: By Bicycle and Train through South America by Anne Mustoe Reviewed by Monica Malpezzi Price While you don’t usually associate an English headmistresses... Read More »


Into Thick Air: Biking to the Bellybutton of Six Continents

by Jim Maluso – Reviewed by Monica Malpezzi Price In “Into Thick Air: Biking to the Bellybutton of Six Continents,” author Jim Maluso sets himself up as an anti-hero who,... Read More »


The Lost Cyclist by David V. Herlihy

The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer and His Mysterious Disappearance by David V. Herlihy It’s the late 1800s and the “safety bicycle” has just been introduced in the USA.... Read More »


Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from …

Rick Price, ExperiencePlus! founder, reviews Richard Louv’s, Last Child in the Woods:  Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder (first published in 2005, updated and expanded in 2008; Algonquin Books of... Read More »


Around the World in 80 Days

A Review of Jules Verne’s book, Around the World in Eighty Days (1873), and a brief mention of Michael Todd’s film of the same title (1956, Michael Anderson, Director) It... Read More »


The Race

by David Shields – reviewed by Rick Price I think I reached chapter seven before I realized that I was reading a novel, and not a biography of a Tour... Read More »

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