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  • Jörg Schmiedel

    My name is Jörg. I was born and raised in Germany and spent most of my time after university working abroad as a language teacher. I always had a thing for changing places but rather late in a young man’s… Read full article

  • Milada Kratochvilová

    Milada Kratochvilová

             Milada is from Czechia and she lives in Prague and in Austria. She studied Agriculture at Uni, but mostly worked in tourism and sports. She is a ski and snowboard instructor and licensed guide for Prague… Read full article

  • iris_marischi

    Iris Marischi

    She was born in Austria but discovered early that the Mediterranean was where she really wanted to live. Her passion for traveling and ancient cultures brought her into the tourism industry – it was the perfect way to travel the… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Nicolai Baun Ruiz

    Nico Baun Ruiz

    Outdoor sports and traveling are my favorite hobbies. I train almost daily for endurance sports (ski touring, trail running, mountain biking or road biking), I enjoy photography and filmmaking, and I love to travel. He loves sharing his knowledge of… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Martina Safarikova

    Martina Safarikova

    Martina was born in Czech Republic in Prague, where she graduated in sport management studies. A professional sports instructor, Martina dedicates her time to skiing, snowboarding, climbing and biking, which allows her to connect her hobby with simultaneously working and… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Justin Wuycheck

    Justin Wuycheck

    Justin got into leading cycling tours in 2007 because he wanted to be paid to ride his bike. From 2004 until 2013, Justin immersed himself in French culture, cuisine and cols (mountain passes), before trading that in for the ’rounder’… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Jessica Brenzikofer

    Jessica Brenzikofer

    Jessica found out about leading tours while she was on a self-guided tour herself. Now she shares her passion for cycling with everyone she encounters, whether on tour or back at home. Jessica lives in Basel, Switzerland, where she is… Read full article

  • Felix Tandler

    Felix started leading tours with ExperiencePlus! in 2019. He is a passionate cyclist, connecting personal athletic challenges to travelling and getting around, or just riding up and down his beloved hills of Tuscany. He was born and grew up in Bavaria,… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Frederico Witula

    Federico Witula

    Federico was born in Emilia-Romagna, the region where ExperiencePlus! headquarters are located. He has lived in Italy, Ireland, Chile, France and Indonesia. After obtaining a master’s degree in geography and territorial planning at the University of Bologna, he worked for 10… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Dan Mitre

    Dan Mitre

    Dan was born and raised in Romania in a beautiful town in the heart of Transylvania (I know what you think, but sucking peoples’ blood is for some reason illegal now) and developed love for the outdoors, nature and animals… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Anja Neral

    Anja Neral

    Read full article

  • Enrico

    Enrico Dal Monte

    Italian native Enrico dal Monte grew up in Vicenza and Venice. After graduating in Oriental Studies and International Politics at the University of Venice, he worked as translator and teacher in Australia, Italy, and Israel. He speaks six languages. Apart… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Yorgos Paraskevopoulos

    Yorgos Paraskevopoulos

    Yorgos moved with his family from New York to his current home in Kalamata, Greece, at the ripe age of eight. He studied sociology at the American College of Greece. Yorgos met Rick and Paola (ExperiencePlus! co-founders) on the Greek… Read full article

  • Tour Leader and Tour Manager Joan Escosura Manzano

    Joan Escosura Manzano

    Joan was born in sunny Barcelona. Life in the big city fed his passion for escaping into nature with his mountain bike. He currently lives in Spain’s Pyrenees. He got his undergraduate degree in tourism at the University of Barcelona,… Read full article