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Country Specific Trip Planners, Hotel & Reading Lists

Our PDF Trip Planners include the following sections for each country for general questions about electronics, booking extra nights etc you can browse our travel planning posts on our blog:

  • Country Specific Travel Tips – Find specific details and tips about traveling in each country.
  • Extra Night Hotel Suggestions– Looking to stay extra nights before or after your bicycle trip? Check out our hotel suggestions. Hotels listed by city.
  • Reading and Movie List – Here is a brief movie and reading list to prepare you for your bicycle tour and to whet your travel appetite.


Austria Trip Planner (Part of Cycling the Danube & Slovenia Tours)

Belgium Trip Planner

Croatia Trip Planner

France Trip Planner

Germany Trip Planner

Denmark Trip Planner (including Copenhagen to Berlin)

Hungary Trip Planner

Italy Trip Planner

Poland Slovakia Hungary Trip Planner

Portugal Trip Planner

Scotland Trip Planner

Spain Trip Planner

Slovenia Trip Planner



Argentina Trip Planner
(including Patagonia’s Lakes District)

Chile Trip Planner