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The ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours Travel Planning page provides you with information to help you pack and prepare for your trip. Please be sure to review the country specific Trip Planner, Reading list, and Hotel Recommendations. It is never too soon to start reading these resource materials.

For tour specific arrival and departure information, please refer to the Getting to and Away form (GTA) emailed in your reservation confirmation letter. If you can’t find your GTA, send us a note ( or give us a call (1-800-685-4565) and we’ll get one out to you!

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Flat vs Clipless Pedals: What’s the deal?

Flat Pedals vs Clipless Pedals To clip in or not to clip in, that is the question. Before jumping into the great pedal debate, it might help to clarify this...Read More »

Travel Planning > Packing

To Pack It or Not to Pack It: What to Bring on a Bicycle...

Less is More Nadine’s Packing Tips and Tricks What is it about packing that I find so unpleasant? Maybe it is having to make wardrobe decisions days in advance, while...Read More »

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Finding Flights Just Got Easier

Save Time and Money When Booking Your Flights Flight Arrangements Made Easy With Exito Travel Booking a flight can be somewhat of a grueling, not to mention time consuming, process....Read More »

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Road Bike vs Hybrid – Common Questions and Myths...

Not Sure What Style of Bike is Best for You? We’ve got a pointer or two. Congratulations, you’ve decided to take a bike tour in Europe! Now for the fun...Read More »

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Nadine’s Top Hotel Picks

She’s Not A Hotel Critic But she’s dreamed of being one. I have a confession to make. It has been somewhat of a secret dream of mine to be a...Read More »

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Seeking Supper: Adventures in Sète

New Friends And Local Favorites ExperiencePlus! Riders Find The Perfect Dinner Though it may sound counter intuitive, one of the most important elements of tour design and pre-trip planning is making...Read More »

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Let’s talk E-Bikes

Considering Touring With An E-Bike? Things to know before you go “In 2015 the e-bike market in the USA saw a 34% increase and it’s expected to continue to grow...Read More »

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Six Useful Websites for Travel Planning

Though the following websites will not greet you with a smile or deliver luggage to your room, they are useful tools when mapping out travel options for getting to and...Read More »

Get a jump on the cycling season.

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Staying Fit in the Off Season

Feeling a bit frosty in your neck of the woods? Turn that snowman upside down with a different outlook this off season that will have you ready to get on...Read More »

Munich and the Alps

Destinations > Germany, Travel Planning > Pre and Post Tour Planning

36 Hours in Munich, Germany

I love, love, LOVE Munich! Having lived there for 12 years, I have a special (sentimental) connection to this wonderful city. I started my first job there back in 2000...Read More »


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Reserving Extra Hotel Nights

Depending on your arrival and/or departure date, you may need to book an extra night at our starting and/or ending hotel(s). Here are a few tips to make this easy....Read More »

reading list, movie list

Travel Planning > Movie and Reading List

Suggested Reading & Movie Lists

It’s always handy to have a little knowledge about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing while you travel. Beyond all the great information on the ExperiencePlus! website, we...Read More »

How to plan your vacation

Travel Planning > How to Plan a Vacation

How To Plan Your Bicycle Vacation

The planning phase of a vacation is always the most tedious, but we are here to help! Here are some resources to make your trip one to remember without all...Read More »

A typical lunch spread.

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Managing Your Food Intake on a Bicycle Tour

One of the most important things in life is FOOD, we can’t live without it!  Food can be one of the best parts and biggest challenges in a day; did...Read More »


Travel Planning > Learning the Language

Learning the Language

Hola, buenas, bonjour, ciao, hallo! Learning a new language can be intimidating for sure but we have some tips and tricks so you can easily learn the key words and...Read More »

Passports and Visas

Travel Planning > Passports and Visas

Passports & Visas

Having the right travel documents is pretty crucial to being able to travel the world, so don’t leave home without the correct items. Here’s a list for you that’s worth...Read More »

Health and safety

Travel Planning > Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. We want to ensure you that our guides are trained extremely well and our trips are thoroughly planned to mitigate...Read More »

Customer Information Form

Travel Planning > Important Pre Tour Information

Customer Information Form

It’s just as important that you have all our information as it is we have yours, and although it’s yet another piece of paperwork to fill out, it really is...Read More »

Food, Meals & Water

Travel Planning > Food and Meals

Food, Meals & Water

Traveling & eating is a pairing like movies & popcorn, carnivals & cotton candy or peanut butter & pickles. Well maybe not that last one, but we believe that the...Read More »


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Bikes Bikes Bikes

Everyone always asks about the bikes on our bicycle tours, and it’s pretty simple to understand why, you’ll be riding them all over the most beautiful countries in the world....Read More »


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How to Plan for Weather

Mother nature is a fickle beast. Sometimes she cooperates and sometimes it seems like she has a hateful vengeance to enact. Although none of us ever hope to be stuck...Read More »

Ways to Save with ExperiencePlus!

Travel Planning > Money

Lets Talk About Money

This post is all about the MONEY! We want you to feel comfortable with leaving home to explore new places and we know a lot of people find some stress...Read More »


Travel Planning > Bicycle Tour Training

How Hard Should I Train For This?

To start this section off we want to remind you first and foremost that although these trips can accommodate travelers with just about any level of fitness, you will be...Read More »

Chateau Villandy's gardens

Travel Planning > Tipping

The Etiquette of Tipping

Here in America tipping is commonly accepted and expected by almost everyone, but it’s always hard to know what to do while traveling overseas. Doubts start to pop up in...Read More »