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About Joe Friel and his 12-week customized bicycle training programs

We’ve contracted with Joe Friel, a nationally recognized fitness expert, and founder of ULTRAFIT Associates, to develop a personalized bicycle training program for our customers. Bicycling magazine says, “Joe Friel is arguably the most experienced personal cycling coach in the U.S….(and) his book, The Cyclist’s Training Bible has become the, well, Bible of the sport.” Joe’s books include The
Cyclist’s Training Bible and Cycling Past 50, and he has contributed to Precision Heart Rate Training.

The Joe Friel program is matched with the ExperiencePlus! tour levels and to your age and fitness level. Each Calendar outlines a 12-week training calendar that details what you should train for on every day, before going on tour. That way, when your tour comes, you’ll be fit and happy!

Refer to our Training Pages and print out the program that matches your age, exercise level and the difficulty of the tour you are training for.