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Travelers have different cycling abilities and preferences for the number of miles, elevation gain, and type of terrain they want on a bicycle tour.  Our itinerary descriptions provide overall tour levels as well as daily descriptions including mileage, elevation gain and terrain to help you determine if a bicycle tour is suited to your physical capabilities and interest.

Our tour levels fall on a scale of 1-5.  In addition to the overall tour level we have developed daily level summaries to provide an even more detailed look at what kind of cycling you can expect from each day on tour. You can find detailed information about the mileage, elevation gain, grade and terrain for each itinerary to help you better understand what to expect from your tour. Below you'll find a snapshot of what kind of cycling to expect on each tour level.


Level Definitions

Level 1 - 1.5

Mileage: 15-30km (10-20 miles)
Gain: 0-400m (0-1200ft)
Terrain: Mostly flat with occasional gentle climbs at a grade of less than 3%, that are sustained for a maximum of 3km. There might be a steeper but short climb.

The terrain on level 1 - 1.5 tours will be mostly flat and daily distances will rarely exceed 30 km. Level 1 - 1.5 tours are suitable for beginner cyclists, those traveling by bicycle for the first time, or multi-generational groups with a desire for a nice and easy bike tour with plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery.

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Level 2 - 2.5

Mileage: 30-50km (20-30 miles)
Gain: 400-600m (1200-2000ft)
Terrain: Mostly rolling terrain around 3%. Presents multiple 3% to 4% climbs. May present an occasional steeper climb.

Level 2 - 2.5 tours are a great option for those new to bicycle touring looking for a bit of a challenge, or for individuals who desire shorter days on the bike. The average mileage on level 2 - 2.5 bike tours is 30-50 km on mostly rolling terrain. There will be multiple climbs at 3-4% grade throughout the tour, but only an occasional steep climb.

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Level 3 - 3.5

Mileage: 50-70km (30-45 miles)
Gain: 600-900m (2000-2800ft)
Terrain: Multiple Climbs with grades of 4 - 6%.

Level 3 - 3.5 tours are for active individuals (who run, bike, swim etc. on a regular basis) with the desire to cover longer daily distances on the bicycle. These tours are a great workout when you're riding as you will average 50-70 km daily with total gain of 2,000-2,800 ft. There will be multiple 4-6% climbs throughout the tour.

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Level 4 - 4.5

Mileage: 70-90km (45-55 miles)
Gain: 900-1000m (2800-3600ft)
Terrain: Presents multiple steep climbs (6% to 8% grades), 1 to 3km long. Alternatively, 4 – 6% grades for 6 kilometers or more.

Level 4 - 4.5 tours are for passionate cyclists or very active individuals. This level tour is great for cyclists looking to stay in shape and pedal hard they travel across regions or countries. Level 4 - 4.5 tours cover 70-90km daily with 2,800-3,600 ft of gain. Cyclists on a level 4 - 4.5 bicycle tour can expect multiple climbs, some climbs might be short and steep (6-8% for 1-3 km) while others may be sustained (6+ Km) at a 4-6% grade.

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Our ExpeditionPlus! tours designed for strong riders looking for the challenge of riding across countries or continents. Long daily mileages means limited van support so we recommended these tours for riders who feel confident that they can ride every mile.

Average daily mileage: 120 km (75 miles). Be sure to check the day by day itinerary description for the tour you are considering for specific mileages.
Terrain: Expect and be prepared for any and everything.

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Terrain Definitions

Mostly flat terrain has just a few rolling hills that rarely require you to change gears. It might contain a bit of climbing, but those climbs will be short and at a very gentle slope with little need for increased pedaling or downhill breaking.
Rolling hills refers to multiple gentle slopes (3-4% grade) with minimal need for changing gears or increasing in pedal power. Elevation gain should be less than 100m per hill and braking may not be necessary to control speed on downhills.
Hilly terrain has repeated hills and some of them may be require more pedal power as it has steeper inclines (up to 5%). You will change gears throughout the day and braking may be necessary to control speed on descents.
Very hilly terrain includes multiple hills on your ride, some of which can be steep or long climbs. You will change gears and need to use your brakes to control speed on your descent.
Mountainous terrain includes one or more sustained (more than 5km) climbs with frequent steep grades (over 7%). Mountainous rides may also feature multiple steep grades (greater than 6%) for extended periods of more than 5km. You will need to shift gears and brake on descents to control your speed.


It is almost always possible to adapt the day’s ride to how you are feeling either by taking advantage of the support van, or asking tour leaders for additional mileage. Many itineraries also feature longer and shorter mileage options.

Need More Miles? On just about every day of every tour it is possible to add miles to the day. Just talk to your tour leader about the options.

Need Fewer Miles? If you aren’t sure about your abilities or how much you want to ride remember the support van is available to offer snacks, encouragement, a lift over the next hill, or to the next hotel. You are on vacation and we’re here to help make it perfect for you.

Free Bicycle Training Programs by Joe Friel, a nationally recognized fitness expert! We offer 12-week cycling training programs designed for all fitness abilities and customized specifically for ExperiencePlus! tour ratings.

Chalk Dust Arrows. Remember, no matter what level of tour you choose ExperiencePlus! uses chalk dust arrows to mark our routes so riders can take the day at their own pace! Whether you prefer to stop at every gelateria, take a hundred photos a day, or push to achieve a new personal best you’ll be happy on our tours.

Please note: we use Ride With GPS ( to calculate elevation and mileage information. Due to variance between mapping technologies, totals may differ slightly across devices and applications.

If you still aren’t sure if a tour is right for you give us a call at 1-800-685-4565, or email us at we’d love to help choose the perfect bicycle vacation for you.

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