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4 Tours With Unforgettable Views

Four Cycling Tours With Unforgettable Views

We’re Pretty Sure You Won’t Want To Leave

From stunning mountain backdrops to rolling vineyards, to crystal clear coastlines, these rides will take your breath away each time you turn a corner. Pack your camera or just pause and take in the scenery on these four tours with unforgettable views.

Bicycling Patagonia’s Lakes District Plus! The Island of Chiloé

Pristine lakes, stunning mountains and a diverse eco-system separated by one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world – the Andes. That is just the first 5 days of this trip! Tranquil fjords, wooden houses and churches, the rugged coastline of the Pacific: The Island of Chiloé, in northern Chilean Patagonia, is reminiscent of the landscapes in central Europe and Scandinavia. Join us on a 10-day Bicycling Patagonia’s Lakes District Plus! the Island of Chiloé from Argentina to Chile tour where we will cycle paved roads across the Continental Divide in the Andes, from Argentina into Chile. At this latitude, the mountains are much gentler than the severe Peruvian and Ecuadoran landscapes that come to mind when you think of the Andes. Our route winds from the high plateau setting of San Carlos de Bariloche along Andean lakes, down through the valleys of the border region and into Chile’s Lake District. Cycle past conical volcanoes and snow-capped Andean peaks, one of Chile’s famous rushing rivers, and relax in the tranquil settings of lovely hotels.

Trip Highlights: Argentina’s mountain town of San Carlos de Bariloche and the 7 lakes, Chile’s Lake District, views of Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes, waterfalls on the Petrohué River, thermal pools, Chiloé Island, wooden churches, penguins on Chiloé island.

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Cycling Italy’s Dolomites

The Italian Alps are renowned for their pristine rivers and streams, their exquisite cheeses and smoked hams but most of all for their most precious gem: the easternmost mountains called Dolomites, a paradise for any outdoor activity. Join us to pedal this region’s stunning valleys and passes, listed since 2009 as a UNESCO World Heritage site to recognize and preserve its “exceptional natural beauty”. Our tour gives you a chance to enjoy Dolomitic landscapes, learn about the complicated local history while discovering hidden corners where life still flows as if tourism never got there. Spend 11 days exploring breathtaking mountain roads, pedaling through ancient forests, and hiking Alpine trails where nature sets the rhythm of life. All the while enjoying traditional Tyrolean meals and top quality local wines.

Trip Highlights: The Dolomites, multiple two-night stays, the unique part of German and Ladin-speaking Italy – a trilingual region, a cheese maker visit, well-maintained long distance bike paths, the beautiful town of Cortina.

Ready to learn more? Find tour details, the daily itinerary, and more here.

Bicycling Bavaria’s Back Roads Plus! the Austrian Alps

Bicycle along Germany’s scenic Romantic Road which stretches from central Germany to the Austrian Alps. This route provides a link back in time, extending from the Roman occupation of Transalpine Gaul into the medieval and Renaissance periods. Today some of the best-preserved towns and villages from the 15th through the 18th century are strung out like pearls throughout Bavaria. You’ll bicycle through the fairy tale landscape of the brothers Grimm and gain a better understanding of this historic part of central Europe. A visit to the extraordinary Neuschwanstein Castle and crossing the border into the Austrian Alps are memorable highlights.

Trip Highlights:  Bad Mergentheim, Augsburg, Castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Würzburg, Rothenburg on the Tauber, Dinkelsbühl, Landsberg, Austrian Alps.

Find all the details and dates about Bicycling Bavaria here.

Bicycling the South of France Plus!

The South of France or Langue d’Oc region as it is known has always been a border region – between Spain and France, and the Atlantic and Mediterranean. In ancient times this was the region between Rome and northern Gaul. Today, this beautiful region is classic Mediterranean France with vast expanses of vineyards, vestiges of Roman history in Nimes and Narbonne, and a mix of languages including classic French, traditional Occitan and Catalan. You’ll have plenty of time to soak in the scenery as you cycle quaint roads in this seldomly traveled region.

Trip Highlights: Nimes, Bamboo Forest Reserve, Carcassonne, Great bicycle rides, St. Guilhem le Desert, Canal du Midi, Cathar castles, Kings of Majorca and St. John’s Cathedral .

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