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Winter’s Finest Attributes: Snow, Slush, Shoveling

Costa Rica’s Butterflies, Bicycles and Beaches

The Choice is Yours: Butterflies, Bicycles and Beaches OR Snow, Slush and Shoveling

Pluming volcanoes, lush tropical forests, and spectacular beaches are just some of the attractions Costa Rica offers for active travelers. Join ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours and discover how invigorating bicycling in paradise can be. Lodge in small inns and hidden tropical resorts, enjoy a scenic float trip on the Bebedero River, watch lava rocks cascade down Arenal Volcano at night, and explore Costa Rica’s beautiful and diverse wildlife and plants with our team of local naturalist guides. To top it all off our trip also includes time at the beach, but be aware that the more time you spend in Costa Rica  – the harder it will be to head back home to winter! 

Costa Rica packs a lot of life into a small space. There are more than 10,000 identified species of plants, 850 bird and 500 mammal species, amphibians and reptiles found within its borders. In fact, at only half the size of Kentucky, Costa Rica contains 12 of the 116 "life zones" scientists have identified on earth, fully 5% of our planet’s biodiversity! The Butterflies, Bicycles and Beaches tour will allow you to sample a piece of many of these different eco-systems as you pedal from the central valley to the Pacific Coast. 

Your ride will begin in the Central Valley, where you will be surrounded by fields of coffee, sugarcane plantations and ornamental plant farms. You’ll bicycle around one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Volcán Arenal, and past papaya and yucca farms. The route then takes you over the great divide and over the Cuesta Grande, or "Big Hill." You’ll ride through rainforests, cloud forests, and even the rapidly vanishing tropical dry forests of the Guanacaste plain. The adventure ends on the beach, and what a beach it is – – find yourself nestled in a quiet cove along the Pacific Coast. Our final dinner will be an extravaganza of fresh local seafood.

ExperiencePlus! has been operating bicycling tours in Costa Rica for over 20 years. We are proud to be one of the first bicycle tour companies to discover this wonderfully unique destination. Our Costa Rican tour coordinator and the majority of our tour leaders have been with us since the beginning. With that much experience on the road, trail, and water we are confident that we have perfected this trip to please any cycling, vacation, and nature loving enthusiasts. So join us in and experience the warm hospitality of our “Tico” hosts and discover the Pura Vida, or “Pure Life” Costa Rica famously offers its people and its guests.