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Winter Tour Updates: Chile and Argentina

Although we may feel like we have perfected each and every tour itinerary we offer, over the years we’ve learned that more often than not they are a work in progress.  This is true for the late 2011 and 2012 departures of our popular North American winter getaway destinations in Chile and Argentina. Here is a short summary of some very exciting additions and changes we’ve made to our Patagonia’s Lakes District (Plus! Chiloé Island) and Bicycle Chile’s Wine Country( Plus! Pacific Coast) trips.

Bicycling Patagonia’s Lakes District:

To ease the travel logistics for flying in and out of Argentina and Chile we’ve decided to add the Cruces de Lagos or Lakes Crossing to the first day of this tour. This means that we now traverse the Andes twice! Once by boat and once by bike – check out the updated 8 and 11-day cycling itineraries online. All departures are confirmed so if it has been on your bucket list join us this December, January or February.

Bicycling Chile’s Wine Country Plus! The Pacific Coast:

We have a number of tours throughout the world that include wine tastings and vineyard visits though none compare to the wine highlights and special events you’ll enjoy on our Chile Wine Country tours.  An earthquake in 2010 damaged a number of the towns we once visited on this tour and posed issues for our itinerary, but thankfully the area has been rebuilt and new opportunities have presented themselves. In 2012 we have added two new wine estate hotels (one on Day 3 and another on Day 10) and we are sure you’ll appreciate their comfort, elegance and superb wines.  Check out the 8-day and 11-day cycling itineraries and hotel listing on the website.  If you need more enticement, here are some photos from the tour that just finished on Sunday (October 30, 2011!)