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ExperiencePlus! customer Becca Austin on the Poudre bike trail.Becca Austin (ExperiencePlus! Customer)

My ride to work yesterday was so fulfilling (in more ways than one – there were 7 Bike to Work Breakfast Stations along my route) that I decided to do it again this morning. Who can argue against 6 miles door to door of bike path along the Poudre River (in Fort Collins, CO),  it makes going to work a pleasure.

Sung to, “My Favorite Things” with vigor.
Bunnies and turtles and Tuesday and Wednesday
Goslings and ducklings and fawns with spots
Big ball of orange rising low in the sky

These are a few of my favorite things…

Rivers and ponds reflecting the sun’s glow
Birds chirping as I ride along
Grasses and flowers rise up to the sky

These are a few of my favorite things…

Toomas Lelov (ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader in the Baltics)ExperiencePlus! tour leader Toomas Lelov on his way to work.

Bicycling gives me freedom. It also saves me a huge amount of time. Today I ride my bike year round, even in winter’s ice and snow. I ride to work in 7 minutes, walking takes 25 minutes, and a car 10-20 minutes depending on traffic.

Bicycling also helps me to understand the real speed of life – there is no need to rush, just take it as fast as you can, your body and strength are the only limits. On a bike you have time to stop, take pictures, wave to people, say hello, ask directions, or about a good restaurant.

Bicycling also saves me money. You can park your bike without paying for it. During the day, I can hop on and ride into the city (Tallinn, Estonia) fast and easy. The funny thing is that now all of my colleagues and friends know I’ll come by bike so they tell me where to park it…

I encourage people to ride more and I hope one day cycling in Estonia will be as popular as it is in Holland.