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What to expect: cycling in South America

ExperiencePlus! offers fully-supported, guided bicycling tours in South America with the help of long-standing local partners who have been collaborating with us since 2006.  Tour Leaders are ExperiencePlus!-trained and you can’t get more “local” than this team! You can expect a high quality experience, and an opportunity to gain cultural and historic insights as you pedal through extraordinarily beautiful landscapes. If you are looking for something original, and perhaps a little more adventurous then join us to bicycle South America.

Consider the following as you ponder if South America is the destination for you.

  • Accommodations are wonderful and a few border on luxurious. However there may be an instance when hot water or water pressure is lacking. In a few remote locations hotels can be simple offering basic amenities.
  • Because of import restrictions bikes and bike equipment are hard to come by. For example, instead of replacing a punctured tube you patch it. Maintenance is key to extending a bike’s life so the fleet is well-taken care of and treated like the precious commodity it is.
  • Due to traffic and road conditions and distances between hotels, expect some shuttling by van.
  • Snacks and energy bars are often homemade and Mate tea is the energy drink of choice. ​If you don’t want to go without electrolyte drinks or protein bars, we suggest you bring some from home.
  • Due to the remote nature of the rides, picnic lunches – think empanadas, salads, local cheeses, sweet cakes – are often included.
  • As a standard, we will use our chalk dust arrows for navigation. You can always rely on on our arrows as well as your team of tour leaders.