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Tour Leader Tales: Roberto Laghi Cycling Italy to Mongolia

After finishing his fifth year leading tours for ExperiencePlus! in France and Italy, Roberto Laghi decided it was time to pack up his bike and keep pedaling.

In 2012, Roberto and his girlfriend, Maria Grazia, moved from Italy to France (by bike)! After that move a few shorter bike trips in Europe followed. The idea of a longer adventure started to creep back into their mind with the help of the stories they heard from bike travelers they hosted through the Warmshowers community.

They soon shifted from dreaming about a long bicycle adventure to planning one. When it came to deciding where to go they thought… why not Mongolia?  The idea of cycling through the Balkans, central Asia and Mongolia had always fascinated them.

Mongolia, or should we say the final destination, is not the ultimate goal of their adventure. Roberto and Maria Grazia are mainly invested in being on the road for about a year to meet people and discover new landscapes and cultures. They are traveling with an open agenda – if they find a place they love they can stop and more importantly, they can make all the possible detours along the way.

Follow them through their blog: Ma va’ là . You’ll not only find fantastic photos, trip updates, and interesting tales, but if you feel inspired to can help these two keep on cycling on their GoFund me page.