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US Staff Seth Jansen

Seth grew up in Colorado enjoying the outdoors through backcountry snowboarding, biking, and backpacking. But he comes to ExperiencePlus! more through his background in technology and project management than in travel or adventure. Seth has a degree in mechanical engineering and brings those skills to bear on information technology, accounting, or other projects for ExperiencePlus!. When he’s not at work, he prefers to be out of the trail (in any season and by any means).  

  • With ExperiencePlus! since: Side projects since 2008, most of the time since 2015 
  • Languages you speak: English and a few computer programming languages that are more useful to getting work done than traveling 
  • Favorite place to ride: I can’t pick. Single track through a shaded forest, on Belgium’s wonderful touring network or through a vineyard anywhere in Southern Europe 
  • Next dream vacation: Backcountry snowboarding trip in British Columbia