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Sara Verlicchi

Sara Verlicchi

Sara, a native of Italy, has been leading tours with ExperiencePlus! since 2004. Sara graduated from the architecture department at the University of Venice in 2006 and currently pursues her architecture career with her father when she’s not leading bike tours! She lives in the countryside near Ravenna and enjoys vacationing by bike whenever possible. She has toured on self-supported rides in Tuscany, Sicily, Croatia, Corsica and Costa Rica. As a high school student, she was an exchange student in Cincinnati, Ohio and she still loves spending time with mid-westerners! Her photograph was taken at the top of “passo della colla” in the Apennines during her first tour, from Venice to Florence. It also happened to be her 30th birthday … what a great way to celebrate!!

“Our tour guides Cristina, Damiano, and Sara were just excellent. They each brought their own strengths and qualities to the tour, but also worked so well together to make everything flawless. They were very well “trained”, very professional and extremely personable. They are a huge asset to your organization.”

“Unbelievably went above and beyond any job description of tour leader. She was unfailingly willing to look outside the box to solve problems and she did it gracefully under pressure.  Sara was just fantastic.”

“One rainy day, Sara was able to organize several different itineraries (those who wanted to bike, some who wanted to tour Fiesole, some who wanted to go onto Florence).  Her ability to do this so well marks her in our minds as a terrific leader.”

“Sara is wonderful!! Knowledgeable, always in good humor, tactful, charming, and totally unflappable. She also indulged my desire to speak Italian from time to time!”

“I was so encouraged by Sara as she cheered us on!”