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Greek Kale Salad

Kale packs a punch, many believe it to be a perfect food, packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and K, high in lutein and beta carotene. But, many folks just don’t... Read More »


Potato Soup with a Mediterranean Twist

The common potato is a simple winter vegetable that makes an innovative, warm and creamy soup if paired with a tangy Mediterranean fruit like the olive. The best type of... Read More »


Greek Salad

There are as many variations of Greek salad as there are Greeks. We’ve selected our favorite, but feel free to experiment to find your perfect combination. We suggest that you... Read More »

Destinations: Greece

Greek Islands: History and Geography

Greek Islands: History and Geography The discussion of the geography of the Greek Islands naturally begins with a discussion of Europe as a subcontinent of the Eurasian continent. In fact,... Read More »

Destinations: Greece

History and Geography of the Olympic Games in Ancient...

History and Geography of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece The games honored Zeus, supreme god of all the Greeks and ruler of the sky (Zeus’s brothers Poseidon and Hades... Read More »

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