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  • Swiss Chard and Corsican Brocciu cheese tart

    Goat and sheep cheeses are a specialty of the Corsican people; historically, they spent their days on the interior of the island far from the danger of the sea and pirates who came around. While seafood graces the plates of… Read full article

  • Just another day in paradise.

    Rose Café: Love and War in Corsica

    More than four decades after he lived and worked in Corsica, John Hanson Mitchell writes of his time living on the Mediterranean island at the age of twenty.  He describes his youth as a successful disguise of being a student… Read full article

  • If Wishes Were Horses

    Cycling on the island of Corsica has been on my wish list for nearly a decade so when I learned that I would be traveling there in September to join the ExperiencePlus! Cycling Corsica – the Island of Beauty trip… Read full article

  • Corsica and the 2013 Tour de France

    In July 2013 the Tour de France, and the rest of the world, will discover what ExperiencePlus! has known for years: that Corsica, the “Island of Beauty” as first described by the Greeks over 2500 years ago, is an amazing… Read full article

  • Bicycling the Mediterranean: Corsica and Sardinia

    The Mediterranean is one of the world’s most attractive vacation destinations, and its islands are renowned to be amongst the finest bicycling locations on the planet. In fact two of our favorite places to bicycle are also two of the… Read full article