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  • Stepping Into Cycling Footwear

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    Bikes Bikes Bikes

    Everyone always asks about the bikes on our bicycle tours, and it’s pretty simple to understand why, you’ll be riding them all over the most beautiful countries in the world. So we felt it would help to answer some of… Read full article

  • The new titanium hybrids arrive at the farm

    The New ExperiencePlus! Titanium Hybrids Have Arrived

    Introducing The New ExperiencePlus! Titanium Hybrids!   We are very pleased to introduce you to the ExperiencePlus! Van Nicholas Amazon Titanium custom hybrid bikes available in both a standard and mixte (step-through) frame. Each component has been carefully selected to… Read full article

  • Finding the proper knee position.

    Perhaps What You Need Is a Bike Fitting

    Whether you are a recreational cyclist or a budding adventure racer, we think bike fit is important.  A brief Q&A with Dr Siggins highlights the importance of a good fit and the particular system he uses to ensure that body… Read full article

  • A Brief Introduction to Cycling Lingo

    There is no need to buy a plane ticket to experience a new world  –  just take up a new sport. Consider cycling for example:  Ever been to the pain cave? Bombed down a gnarly, technical section full of babyheads?… Read full article

  • Daily Bicycle Maintenance: Paying Attention to Your Bike

    Daily Bicycle Maintenance: Paying Attention to Your Bike by Rich Young, ExperiencePlus! Tech Guy One of the best things about bikes is their elegant simplicity. But when it comes to keeping your bike running smoothly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.… Read full article