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Bicycling Germany

Passau, Germany phot courtesy of Wikipedia

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Passau, Germany – A Local’s Guide

As a girl born and raised in Passau, I can hardly contain my excitement that ExperiencePlus! offers two Danube tours (Bicycling the Danube: Germany to Budapest and Bicycling the Danube:...Read More »

Picnic on the border of Germany and Austria

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What’s So Special About Cycling in Bavaria

If you think Germany. What images come to mind? Lederhosen, pretzels, beer, sausages? Sounds about right…If so, you are really thinking of Bavaria, a very special part of Germany But, what...Read More »

Neuschwanstein Castle


The Ludwig Conspiracy By Oliver Pötzsch

Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! traveler Jeff Berger. Oliver Pötzsch has taken time off from his Hangman’s Daughter series in order to address the real life mystery, albeit in fictional terms, of...Read More »


The Hangman’s Daughter and The Dark Monk

Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! traveler Jeff Berger The Hangman’s Daughter and the sequel The Dark Monk, originally published in German to wide acclaim, were written by Oliver Pötzsch, the descendent of...Read More »


Nearly Gone

Picture this – you know that you are going to take a bicycle tour with ExperiencePlus! this year, you’ve even honed in on where you want to go, you might...Read More »

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“50 Tours of a Lifetime” – The Danube

National Geographic Traveler has honored ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours once again by naming our Bicycling the Danube from Germany to Vienna Plus! Hungary tour as one of “50 Tours of a...Read More »

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Cycling the Danube – Europe’s Longest River

Cycling the Danube This month we are featuring our inaugural ExpeditionPlus! tours along the famous Danube River.  Bicycle the entire length of the Danube, from Germany’s Black Forest to the delta...Read More »

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History and Geography of the Danube River

By Rick Price, Ph.D. You probably learned in 7th grade geography that the three most important rivers of Europe are the Rhine, the Rhone, and the Danube – but that...Read More »