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Gear Review: Tiem Cycling Shoes

by Julie Horton - Friday, February 21, 2020

Packing just got a lot easier.

How many pairs of shoes did you bring on your last cycling vacation? Let me guess: your cycling shoes, your comfy walking shoes, a pair of sandals, and perhaps one more pair “just in case.” Imagine if you could cut that number to just one pair!

I recently discovered Tiem, a women-specific brand of indoor cycling shoes. As their website proclaims, these shoes are designed with “all of the styling of your favorite sneakers.” Though they are intended specifically for indoor use, and Tiem can’t attest to their durability for outdoor use, I’ve happily used a pair on a multi-day trip that included some rocky terrain. The shoes performed well and have shown no excessive signs of wear.

These stylish shoes accommodate an SPD cleat and are also lightweight, and comfortable for both walking and cycling. Let’s face it, any all-around shoe is going to mean some compromises. These shoes are not as stiff as my traditional cycling shoes, and not quite as comfortable as my favorite walking shoes. To me these differences are minimal particularly when I consider the convenience and space savings.

Tiem recommends sizing down a half-size. I ignored this suggestion but wish I wouldn’t have. The shoe straps don’t cinch as tight as I would like so I do have minor slippage when I “pull” on the pedals. Other than that, these shoes are everything I dreamed they would be.

Gentlemen – Tiem only makes shoes in women’s sizes so you’ll need to size up accordingly.


Julie Horton - Julie Horton is the Purveyor of Cycling Adventures at ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours. She bicycled in more than 20 countries on a year long, self-supported bicycle tour around the world, which covered more than 14,000 miles. Her career in the adventure travel industry began back in 1994 when she started leading hiking tours in the USA, Europe, and far flung locations like Nepal and Thailand. After 10 years on the trail her desire to get back on the road led her to ExperiencePlus! in 2004. Her passion for traveling by bicycle and sharing the possibilities and plans with our travelers makes her "work" at ExperiencePlus! fun and gratifying. She looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for traveling by bike with each of you and hearing of your adventures. Email Julie(at)

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