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Recipe: Spanish Bocadillos

Bocadillos  or typical Spanish sandwiches are made on a long, tubular barra de pan (think baguette). The sandwich is usually made of some combination of cured ham, cheese, tomato, tuna, fried squid or any other combination. The key is simplicity.

Now that spring is officially here and it’s time to start getting out on long rides, bocadillos are a great lunch to pack if you’re heading out for an afternoon and want to break for lunch along the way. Maybe even swing by your local farmers market and see what’s on offer to create your own twist on a Spanish sandwich. Here are a few typical bocadillos to get your imagination turning.

Traditional Jamón Manchego Cheese Bocadillo:

1. Slice baguette lengthwise.(Fresh bread from the farmers market is a great option!)

2. Drizzle olive oil over interior of baguette.

3. Arrange thin slices of jamón on bottom half of baguette, followed by thin slices of Manchego cheese

4. Enjoy!

Get creative with any of these Bocadillo recipes:

Tuna, Peppers and Leeks

Cheese, Anchovies and Peppers

Bocadillo El Camino: Spanish Omelet Sandwich