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Maps for Bicycling in Italy

Maps for Bicycling in Italy

Good maps are the key to finding great bicycle routes. In Italy I recommend using the Italian Touring Club’s 1:200,000 series. The TCI(Touring Club Italiano) as it is called in Italy, publishes sixteen regional maps and a set of three road atlases for all of Italy. These are perfect for both planning and riding in Italy. Buy them in Italy or at major bookstores in the U.S.

I do NOT suggest using Michelin maps in Italy. The scale is not good enough (1:400,000). TCI maps are the maps of choice.

If you need bicycles to go with those maps, let us know.

We have a fleet of 300 bkes in our warehouse in Italy that are just awaiting someone with a villa in Tuscany, Venetor or Umbria to rent them. We can also help you find that little apartment for the week in southern Tuscany if you’d like.

See our bicycle rental page and prices here.