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Lumos Helmet Review

Gear Review: Lumos Helmet

Julie tested out the Lumos Helmet for a month

The Lumos helmet was designed by two engineers that wanted to solve the problem of cyclists feeling invisible on the road. Their answer: a helmet with a built in LED light system.

When I first heard about the Lumos helmet I knew I had to try it out. A bicycling helmet that has built-in front and rear lights, and turn signals… brilliant! I want one, I want it now.

What I love about this helmet:

1. Any piece of outdoor equipment that serves multiple functions ranks at the top of my gear lists and the Lumos handles its many functions extremely well.

2. Turn signals –I often wonder if cars are able to see my arm sticking out, indicating a turn in the dark of night.  I love that the helmet has LED turn signals to increase my visibility in the evening. I still use my arm signals, but that is mostly because I imagine that drivers need to get used to the idea of turn signals on my helmet.

3. Three light settings – the helmet boasts one solid and two flashing lights.

4. It’s comfortable. Though the helmet currently only comes in one size, it fits my small head well.

5. Using the light functions is intuitive. Turning the helmet on and off, running through the settings, using the turn signals couldn’t be simpler.

6. Well-designed and attractive.

7. It is waterproof.

8. Charging both the wireless remote and the helmet is easily done using included USB cables.

9. Battery-life – the folks at Lumos say the helmet holds a charge for 3 hours in solid mode and 6 hours on flashing mode. So far my helmet has outperformed these estimates – even in sub-zero temperatures. When you press the button to turn the helmet on it shines green if you have more than 50% battery life left or red if you have less. Another great feature if you don’t want to download the app.

Room for improvement:

1. Weight – My “regular” helmet weighs in around 300 grams and the Lumos is 440 grams. If I’m going on a longer ride (25 or more miles) I wear my lighter helmet.

2. Remotes – I had trouble using the turn signal remote with my winter mittens on. The Lumos includes a second remote that separates the left and right turn signal which is far easier to use with gloves but it does clutter your handlebars.

3. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)– The helmet does not come with MIPS technology.

4. No Visor – Though it seems that helmets with visors have fallen out of favor particularly with road bikers I love a visor and miss not having one on this helmet.

5. Cold Weather – I did encounter a few problems trying to switch between flashing and solid lights in sub-zero temperatures.

6. Though the 28 super bright white LED lights on the front bring you plenty of attention I still find it necessary (and the manufacturer recommends) to use my primary light to see the road.

7. Brake lights – in the current model brake lights are BETA. The manufacturer warns that the drain on your battery may be excessive. However, there is an app for the helmet that lets you adjust the sensitivity so that may be the answer.

Things to consider:

1. Disposal – The folks at Lumos suggest that you’ll need to re-cycle your helmet anywhere you would normally take electronics.

2. Though I haven’t used it, the Lumos also comes with a cell phone app which allows you to monitor the battery life, change your turn signal beeping frequency, and adjust the sensitivity of your warning lights.

3. The price – the suggested retail price is estimated to be around US$150 which is expensive for what I consider a “commuter” helmet.

Find out more at: https://lumoshelmet.co/