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Gear Review: Da Brim Helmet Visor

Da Brim Bicycle Review

Gear Review: Da Brim

A Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor

Summer is nearly here and for those of you who are not excited with the idea of the sun in your eyes or beating down on your neck while you are cycling I have discovered a helmet accessory that you are going to love. I give you Da Brim!

I’ve been wearing the Sporty Visor for several weeks now and have received numerous compliments from casual cyclists and hikers who absolutely love the idea. However, my more serious cycling friends tend to laugh when they first see me (some continue to laugh throughout the ride). I’ve been told I look like a fire fighter, or several have asked what I’ve done with my broomstick! In other words, you should be prepared to receive some attention!

I’m in Love:

Easy Installation: The manufacturer offers helpful video instructions on how to install Da Brim properly and once you’ve got the knack you’ll find it incredibly easy to do.

Better than a hat: Da Brim offers a variety of visor options that don’t hamper your helmet’s venting system so I found it much cooler than wearing a hat under my helmet.

Adjusts to the sun’s angle: The stiffness of the brim and the Velcro attachments allow you to easily adjust the visor’s angle to offer you the most protection from the sun.

Wearing a Camelback: If you wear a Camelback when you ride you’ll be happy to know that you can use the rear brim adjustment so the brim won’t hit your pack.

Fits just about any helmet style: There are just a few exceptions to types of helmets that won’t work with a Da Brim visor. No matter what manufacturer or style of helmet Da Brim will likely work with your helmet. Check the website below for more details.

Solid in the wind: Though the manufacturer warns against combined wind speeds of 35 mph I found the visor solid going downhill at 40 mph. However, depending on the wind direction and speed you may feel a tug when looking back at traffic.

Nothing is Perfect:

Safety: The manufacturer warns that wearing a brim may impede your helmets functionality in a crash. This is a tough one for me because I’ve just invested a substantial sum of money in a helmet that offers what is considered the best protection out there.

Weight: The Sporty Visor weighs in at about 5 oz. which nearly doubles the weight of my helmet (8 oz.).


Da Brim offers top quality products that perform exactly as described by the manufacturer. As someone who has already had several Basal cell carcinomas removed from my face I love that the Sport Visor keeps me in the shade. I’d like to believe that the safety warning is a result of our litigious nature in the USA. I feel doubtful that further research will allow me to determine if the visor will indeed impact my helmet’s functionality. It’s a tough call but I do look forward to wearing my Sporty brim on mountain biking adventures and self-supported rides. For times when speed matters I will likely leave my brim at home because of the weight and added wind resistance.

Check out all of the brim options available at www.dabrim.com.