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Five Reasons to Visit South Africa

Five Reasons to Visit South Africa

“Lions freely roam vast game reserves such as Kruger National Park, vineyards stretch across the Cape Winelands, and mountains cascade into the sea along miles of beaches. In addition to dream safaris and romantic honeymoons, South Africa offers modern cities with thriving arts and dining scenes. South Africans are welcoming, and the country’s emergence from a turbulent past pro­vides a dramatic history lesson and the promise of something new every time you visit.”

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1.Cape Town

“Heralded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities — few destinations can mimic the scale of its mountain-ocean convergence — Cape Town doesn’t need to be as accommodating as it is; it could, in theory, sit pretty on the merits of its natural bounties alone. And yet it remains a singularly inviting place, wowing visitors with its colorful art and architecture (watch out for the Thomas Heatherwick-designed Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, to be completed next year), complex history, world-class wines and arguably one of the best culinary landscapes anywhere. New York Times

The in-your-face beauty of Cape Town is unparalleled. Surrounded by the rugged Table Mountain National Park and the glistening coastlines of the Atlantic, this is a must-see city. Stroll along the waterfront, visit the many storefronts, schedule a whale-watching tour – the only trouble you’ll have in this city is figuring out how to cram it all in.

2. Western Cape Winelands

South Africa is internationally renowned for it’s premier wine produced from the vineyards of the Western Cape. Roughly two hours (by car) from Cape Town, the Winelands’ sweeping valleys boast fine dining and charming accommodations. Flanked by craggy mountain ranges these picturesque vineyards are worth a stop, and a few sips!

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 3. Wilderness

Third only to Brazil and Indonesia, South Africa offers some of the most astonishing biodiversity you can imagine. From crystal coastlines, towering mountains, semi-arid plains of Klein (or Little) Karoo to the fertile landscape of the Garden Route this country leaves little to be desired. Whale watch off Cape Towns’s coast, go on safari and visit cheetah reserves, or venture underground to the remarkable Congo Cave system.

4. Scenic Route 62

One of the most beautiful stretches of road in South Africa is along Route 62 and passing through the Little Karoo.  Along with the stunning views, the road boasts plenty of activities including winery visits, roadside shops selling fantastic dried and fresh fruit; and quirky little bars. Oudshoorn, along the rout offers the opportunity to visit the local meerkat community.

5. History

From the earliest communities of the Sanqua (Bushmen) people, to the arrival of European settlers in the 1800’s, to the Apartheid era, this country’s undeniably storied history offers endless opportunity to take in South Africa’s past and appreciate the rich culture this country offers visitors today. Trace Nelson Mandela’s footsteps, learn the fascinating history of ostrich farming, or let a local raconteur take you back in time as you visit frontier country. Learning South Africa’s history will leave you with a deep appreciation for the rich culture and warm people of modern South Africa.

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