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4 Favorite Bike Tours You Might Have Missed

Four Bike Tours You Might Have Missed

Last month we shared our top-selling destinations (thus far) for 2017. This prompted some fun conversation within the office that began along the lines of “oh I love that tour, and Barcelona really is such a great city”, followed by: “but I can’t believe Bavaria or South of France is off people’s radar” – and the list went on, and on. The point being, ExperiencePlus! employees are often asked – and struggle to answer –  “which is your favorite tour” because of the variety in our trips. But usually, our favorites are not the “classic” cycling destinations everyone thinks of.

Typically we try to get a feel for what each cyclist is looking for and suggest just the right tour for you. But, it is true that the top-selling destinations tend to be the ones people are familiar with or that they have heard about from other companies or know are “must see” places. The truth is that often what is billed as a “must see” place may be in the media because it happens to have a great outreach program.  So, this month we’ve decided not to let these quieter destinations remain ‘hidden’ and we wanted to share four tours that have been overlooked.


Right now you’re thinking to yourself: Tuscany? Everyone’s heard of Tuscany.  True, this region of Italy is well known for its fabulous cycling and wonderful medieval towns. But, our tour of Hidden Tuscany – may be a bit too hidden – as many of the towns are unfamiliar to people because it travels through a lesser known part of this amazingly diverse region.  It was only recently that Italians have re-discovered this area for its landscapes, villages, and historical sites. Most exciting, the hills are not as steep in this part of Tuscany! Cycle between two famous iconic Italian destinations: central Tuscany and Rome, while following quiet roads and villages that offer a wealth of culture and remarkable scenery. Get the full scoop on Hidden Tuscany Plus! Tufa Towns


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Provence – without the crowds – might be a great way to describe this border region between Spain and France, or the Languedoc region.  Offering a classical  Mediterranean experience: vast expanses of vineyards, vestiges of Roman history in Nimes and Narbonne, and a mix of languages that include classic French, traditional Occitan and Catalan. Nadine from our Colorado office cycled through last summer and returned feeling confident words could not quite capture the fairy tale like setting she found herself pedaling through again and again.

Curious? Learn more about bicycling the south of France


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Follow the famous Romantic Road through Germany and travel back in time through the Roman occupation of Transalpine Gaul and into the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Cycling these back roads almost feels like you’ve fallen into the idyllic landscape of Brothers Grimm as the Romantic Road boasts some of the best-preserved towns and villages dating from the 15th to 18th centuries. Explore castles and stunning views as you pedal towards the Austrian Alps and even receive a bit of pampering at one of your hotel’s spa. Joan, our Spain, Portugal and Germany Tour Manager, says it’s the prettiest tour he has ever done!

Learn more about cycling Bavaria and experiencing its stunning scenery and timeless medieval towns.

Cycle through France’s legendary landscapes as you pedal a route steeped in history, and wine! This tour takes in the best of Champagne, Burgundy, and the Côte du Rhône wine regions as well as some of France’s most iconic cities including  Dijon, Beaune, Lyon and Marseille.  Starting not far from Paris we’ve selected the best parts of France to explore as you pedal south towards Provence, including the opportunity to pedal up the legendary Mont Ventoux! Find details on our ride in Champagne Burgundy and Provence.