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4 Great Cycling Tours for First-Timers

by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, June 20, 2017

4 Great Cycling Tours for First-Timers

Whether you are an experienced cyclist at home but it is your first time traveling by bicycle, or it’s your first time cycling in a while, these tours will introduce you to the pleasure of cycling while you take in the joys of traveling. Our arrows will have you navigating these stunning landscapes like a local. If you are worried about the hills, or want more miles – our guides are there to help you make the best of your cycling vacation.

1. Bicycle from Venice to Florence

Prepare to be romanced – from Venice and its enthralling canals to Florence’s Renaissance art, Ravenna’s mosaics and Faenza’s ceramics, this tour brings together the best Italy can offer. Cycling through Italy’s pasta heartland with a mix of wetlands, fruit orchards and one stunning mountain climb in the Apennines there is a bit of everything on this trip. What’s your pleasure? Exploring Venice’s artful shops, tiny bridges and magical canals? Or strolling the streets of the UNESCO world heritage town Ferrara? Or perhaps the lush forest of the Apennine Mountains, with the tang of local olive oil lingering on your tongue? Join us on one of our most popular journeys, the first part of the original Bike Across Italy tour that started it all back in 1972, Bicycle from Venice to Florence. These magical landscapes will be a gentle start to your travels by bike.

2. Pedal Portugal

Stretch your legs on gently rolling hills and enjoy how you get stronger every day on this perfect for pedal-pupils trip! From marble to medieval castles, Roman ruins to the Renaissance, cork forests to coastal frontiers – Portugal surprises at every corner. Cycling in the Alentejo we spend some time in ancient Evora (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and by the tour’s end, you’ll be a cycle touring pro. And you’ll have developed a taste for Portuguese wines, spotted Roman aqueducts, seen Portugal’s beautiful Vicentina Coastline and its national park and reached the “end of the world” at Cabo San Vicente. Experience all of this and more on the beautiful Bike Across Portugal Plus! The Coast.


3. Cycle the Camino de Santiago

Call it the Camino, The Road to Santiago, or St. James’ Path. Shakespeare postulated a rose by any other name still smells as sweet; the same applies to this soulful synchronicity of bike and route. For the more experienced cyclists, or those ready to truly take a pilgrimage (with some of the suffering) the cycling on this trip is only second to the history. Receive stamps on your Pilgrim’s Passport throughout to document your experiences: the churches, tombs, vineyards, ruins, palaces, museums and traditional foods and wines. There’s a reason National Geographic hailed this route as one of “50 Tours of a Lifetime;” join Cycling the Camino de Santiago: Roncesvalles to Santiago to discover exactly why. Enjoy “The Way” your way and at the speed of a bike.


4. Discover Provence

With feet on pedals, you’ll be up to your lips in local olive oil, expertly crafted wine and gourmet gems on this enchanting tour of Provence. Pedal through picture perfect villages that inspired post-Impressionist masterpieces, awash in quaint, hilltop cafes, medieval castles and Roman ruins. Come along with us and discover the relaxed pace, superb architecture and culinary highlights of Best of Provence Plus! the Luberon and Aix-en-Provence. A perfect tour for folks traveling with varying cycling abilities. Shorter cycling days, multi-night stays and lightly rolling terrain will have you enjoy this beauty without struggle (unless you decide to tackle the Giant of Provence – and climb up Mt. Ventoux).


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