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Cordero con ajo: Lamb with garlic

Cordero con ajo: Lamb with garlic

Paola serves Cordero con Ajo at the Experienceplus! christmas dinner

I found this Spanish recipe in a French cookbook on Mediterranean cuisine. The chunks of lamb shanks got a bit tough with the cooking. So, careful on what kind of cut you choose!


Ingredients for 4 people:



  • About two pounds of lamb meat, without bones and cut in small chunks;


  • four tablesopoons of olive or canola oil


  • three onions finely cut


  • three cloves of garlic


  • four tomatoes peeled and cut (or canned tomatoes)


  • about a cup of dry white wine


  • salt and pepper some green or black olives


  • 2 cups of rice





Saute the meat in oil and put aside. Cook the onions, the garlic and the tomatoes until the whole is like a thick sauce. Put the meat with the sauce and mix well adding the wine. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook a few more minutes. Serve on a bed of rice, decorated with the olives.


Buen pro vecho! Paola