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Bicycling Vacations: Stress Free Fun For Friends and Family

We at ExperiencePlus! have noticed an interesting trend amongst our travelers: more and more folks are inviting friends and family to join them on their bicycling vacation. These groups come in all shapes and sizes but if you are looking for ideas on how to rally the troops and bring your favorite people together, here are some thoughts.

Returning Riders:
We have quite a number of groups (6 to 18 people) who have started to travel together after initially meeting on one of our bicycle tours.  As they pedal across Spain, France or Germany they discuss where their next ride will be.  Often the excitement is contagious and others in the group jump onboard, and so the fun spreads.

How about a Birthday Bash? Sally LaVenture of Boulder, CO.

I invited 5 friends to come to Italy with me to celebrate my 60th birthday on a biking vacation. I chose to go with Experience Plus, because I had gone on 2 previous trips with them. This trip was perfect, I have no complaints, only praise. The guides were Italian and knew their history and culture and were a lot of fun to be with as well. The riding terrain through Tuscany was some of the best I have experienced. The scenery was spectacular as well. Lots of hills to climb and the best descents ever. The food and wine were outstanding too. It was a wonderful way for a group of friends to be together in a new culture. We really enjoyed the other guests as well.

Family Fun from the Surbrugg clan:
All of our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Even though many of our family were new to bicycles and foreign travel – they loved every minute of it and are planning future trips. This was our hope and we thank you for making it happen.

Here at ExperiencePlus! we appreciate and encourage you to bring your friends or family we have a variety of group discount offers. So travel together, enjoy a fabulous vacation AND save some money!