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New Bike Tour Dates Posted For Cuba!

New Cuban Departure Dates Are Posted

(… and prices are coming soon!)

Join us on a bicycle tour like no other as we explore Cuba on one of the most extensive bicycle tours of Cuba available.

Pack your sense of adventure. With over 50 years of a trade embargo by the United States (and sanctions if other countries trade with them) and an economy that has boomed, busted and never truly found its way, Cuba is like no other place you have traveled. Tourism is one of its most important economies and as such the tourist sector sometimes is “shielded” by the realities of Cuban life, if you travel just to the “tourist” destinations.

We choose to travel by bicycle because we know that getting off the buses and into the heart of a country on two wheels is one of the best ways to truly experience a place. That said, you will notice that some buildings are in need of repair, sometimes including portions of the hotels we use.  Air conditioning, though present in 100% of your hotel rooms, may break down, or your water pressure may vary.  Internet access is sporadic and hard to find. And while we still provide top-quality bikes, they are not the same bicycles we have in Europe due to availability and trade regulations.

The Cubans are some of the warmest and friendliest people on earth. They genuinely want to share and talk about their lives with travelers from all over the world – especially Americans.  They are proud of their culture, art, and history that includes a complex political system.  We recommend you bring an attitude of flexibility and an understanding that you may not find the amenities that exist in other destinations. However, we are certain that embarking on a trip to Cuba will be one of the most fulfilling travel experiences you can have.

Along with a fascinating exploration of Cuba’s culture you’ll enjoy fresh lobster lunches paired with a refreshing glass of sugarcane juice spiked with rum to top off a day of cycling.  In Havana you’ll admire the classic colorful cars and feel the rhythm of a rich music scene as soulful tunes fill local restaurants.  From coastlines to the countryside, no matter which tour you choose, by the end of your Cuban bicycle tour you’ll understand why this warm culture and lush landscapes evoke a feeling that stirs the spirit of such a colorful country.

Pick your tour and find your dates!

*  All of our itinerary options meet the United States requirements for a People-to-People licensed trip and we will provide all licensing documents necessary for our American travelers.

Cuba Split

Bicycling Central Cuba

Bicycle through the heart of colonial Cuba. We’ll cycle inland to explore the cobbled streets and tranquil countryside energy of the historic cities in the central area of Cuba. Some highlights:

  • Colonial and historic towns of Remedios, UNESCO World Heritage City designated Trinidad, and Sancti Spiritus.
  • Bustling port town of Cienfuegos caught in between Cuba’s historic struggles and a globalized world
  • Bay of Pigs and its pristine blue waters and complicated history. Opportunities to swim and snorkel on our night stay on the bay.
  • End in Havana with its diverse neighborhoods and vibrant art and music scene.

An easier cycling tour through the heart of Cuba.  Perfect for those interested in seeing some of the historic towns and sites that used to be the backbone of the colonial economy and where some of the most significant revolutionary events happened. This tour starts with a flight into Santa Clara and ends in Havana. Both are easily accessible from the US.

Read the day by day itinerary, find your dates.

Bicycling Western Cuba

This tour begins in Havana, a city full of rhythm and color – the perfect entry into Cuban culture. From Havana we’ll cycle off the tourist track and into a mix of beautiful landscapes and varied terrain. Highlights include:

  • Beautiful roads and cycling in remote forests and national parks
  • Learn about Cuba’s tobacco industry through the ages and how it continues today, in all its forms.
  • Cycle by the limestone hills around Viñales and hike the hidden caves in the Mogote

Starting and ending in Havana this tour has beautiful and varied landscapes from plains to hills, mountains and beaches. Wonderful cycling through the karst landscape around Viñales as well as an evening on a quiet beach on the northern side of the island, known for its fly fishing and sandy white beaches.

Read the full day by day itinerary and find your dates.

Grand Cycling Tour of Cuba: Central and Western

This 15-day tour combines our central and western tours to give you an in-depth experience and context for the changes Cuba has seen in the last 10 years and what its future may hold in the next 10 years.  This extended bike tour allows you time to fully immerse yourself in the country’s beautiful landscape, welcoming people, and hidden architectural gems. Cuba is like no other country, it will intrigue, captivate, and transform you. To get the full experience (and save some money) we recommend booking the full Grand Cycling Tour of Cuba.

Read the full day by day itinerary and find your dates.

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