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5 Reasons To Bicycle the Grand Tour of Andalucia

5 Reasons To Bicycle the Grand Tour of Andalucia

Much of Andalucía’s colorful culture and stunning architecture  springs from its history. For centuries this region in the south of Spain was the frontier between different faiths and cultures. This crossroads has left a treasure trove of vibrant monuments and historic footprints throughout the region including mosques transformed into churches; vast palace complexes; cuisine infused with dashes of North African spices; and a string of the iconic white towns stretching from Granada’s Albayzín to the riverside town of Cordoba. The list of reasons is long, but here are a few reasons to cycle Andalucía that sit at the top of ours.

Rich History

The profoundly diverse (and long) history of this region is deeply ingrained in all of Andalucía. From Cordoba’s stunning Mezquita to Granada’s Alhambra, these larger than life historical relics are impossible to explain, you just have to see them. Standing in these beautiful structures you will feel the region’s history and its evolution through Roman, Moorish, and Catholic influence.

The Food

Arguably one of the best reasons for bicycle touring is the guaranteed appetite to follow a day of cycling. Meals in Southern Spain are delicious and diverse. You can look forward to fresh seafood, quality cuts of meat, and a healthy serving of vegetables prepared and served in a variety of ways. Spain is the number one producer of olives in the world. On the Grand Cycling tour of Andalucía you’ll cycle past the thousands of olive trees that produce award-winning olive oil. You’ll get to compare flavors and aromas of the world’s best olive oil during an olive oil tasting on tour.

Vibrant Cities

The ancient charm of tall buildings and the narrow, winding streets of cities like Cordoba and Seville and Granada is just the beginning of Southern Andalucía’s city charms. Beyond the endless architectural eye candy, the streets are bustling with people out for afternoon strolls, sharing tapas under beautiful sculptures decorating plazas while music from street performers drifts through winding streets, and countless local artisans sell their crafts.

Scenic, Traffic-free Roads

Cycling the grand tour of Andalucía you will see a great shift in Southern Spain’s landscape. First be immersed in a sea of olive trees for as far as the eyes can see. Cycle past black Iberian pigs grazing in shady fields, and coast through the Sierra Nevadas on your stunning descent into our final destination, Granada. The roads we follow from Seville to Granada are almost eerily tranquil (and virtually without a pothole in sight!) as we wind through Andalucía’s beautiful and rolling landscape.

Endless Sunshine!

Andalucía boasts a dry climate with seemingly endless sunny days. Our tours run in the spring and fall extending summer season a bit for most cyclists. While we cannot control the weather it is a safe bet to say you’ll enjoy sunny skies all the way from Seville to Granada.

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Departure Dates

Grand Cycling Tour of Andalucia (13 days)

Oct 11-23, 2019 – Guaranteed to Go
Apr 24-May 6, 2020 – Book now and save $200
Oct 9-21, 2020 – Book now and save $200

Andalucia Cycling: Cordoba to Granada (8 days)

Sep 29-Oct 9, 2019 – Guaranteed to Go
Apr 29-May 6, 2020 – Book now and save $200
Oct 14-21, 2020 – Book now and save $200

Andalucia Cycling: Seville to Cordoba (7 days)

Oct 11-17, 2019 –  Guaranteed to Go
Apr 24-30, 2020 – Book now and save $200
Oct 9-15, 2020 – Book now and save $200