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2018 Tour Updates

2018 Tour Updates

Updates to some of our classic trips in France and Italy.

As we run our tours each year we are always on the lookout for additional opportunities to travel further off the beaten path and experience the most authentic bits of local flavor. For 2018 we have made some changes on a few of our classic destinations. Take a look and take advantage of our Early Booking Discount and save $200 on your next tour:

Cycling Puglia’s White Villages Plus! the Salento

Follow even more of the coast as we cycle both sides of Italy’s “heel”.  Our updated route takes you further into the history of Puglia including a visit to the promontory of St. Maria di Leuca and its famous lighthouse as well as the church built at the ‘end of the land’ in the 1700s to commemorate St. Peter’s passage.  Dates are filling fast so contact us if you are interested in cycling Puglia’s white villages.

Bicycling Umbria’s Medieval Towns

A perfect tour for those interested in classical Italian villages, their culture and history. Our new route keeps the mileage low so you have time – and energy – to dive deep into these  towns that are famous for their wines, artisans, beauty and history.  Our updated rides will take you through a network of roads even further from the beaten track to reach these cultural gems.

Cycling Northern Italy’s Castles and Valleys – Sightseer

Our 2018 sightseer trip in Northern Italy will start farther north in the heart of the Alps and you’ll cycle through gorgeous valleys along well-maintained bike paths. Spectacular mountain scenery in this case is accompanied by bike paths that follow the valley floor and are perfectly positioned to allow for easy cycling from town to town.  An important cultural crossroads, Südtirol and Trentino are a perfect backdrop to enjoy historical sites like medieval gates, Habsburg castles, and towns built by the Romans and impacted by all the historical events of the 20th Century. This Austrian-Italian mix of cultures, language and cuisine is a fascinating (and delicious!) experience.

Cycling Champagne and Burgundy Plus! the Côte d’Or

Spend even more time cycling through Burgundy’s scenic landscape and delving into its rich history. Before it became part of France, the Kingdom of Burgundy was actually a more powerful region than France and plotted with the English in the Hundred Years War. You will bicycle by vineyards that produce some of the most famous and, sometimes, most expensive wines in the world. If you’re intrigued by the notion of ‘Terroir’ – the idea that where a wine is made determines it’s flavor more than the grape varieties used,  joining us on this bike ride is a must!

Don’t forget to book early and save!

Submit your reservation on any 2018 European tour by November 15th, 2017 and we will take $200 per person off to reward you for planning early! Some 2018 tours are almost full already, so secure your spot and save before the Early Booking Discount ends!