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  • Rule of thirds

    A Rule For Stronger Photos…Or Not

    Tool of thirds Want a simple, classic design principal that will instantly make your pictures more dynamic and interesting? The rule of thirds is it. What’s the Rule of Thirds? Imagine a picture frame; draw two evenly spaced lines across… Read full article

  • Adjusting a derailleur on one of ExperiencePlus!'s Ti Road bikes. Photo by John Giebler

    The Three Essential Travel Photos

    The Three Essential Travel Photos What are the key pictures you should bring back from your next trip? Photos that tell the story of your vacation – the people you met, and the places you visited. If you’re anything like… Read full article

  • Three Secrets to Stunning Travel Photos

    By John Giebler, ExperiencePlus! Director of Tours Are you proud of your travel photos? I mean, when you come back from a trip, do people beg to see them? Or do you have to beg people to look at them?… Read full article