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  • A Brief Introduction to the Highlights of Alsace

    Alsace is arguably the most unique region of France. As a place that has changed hands five times between France and Germany over the last 150 years, it is now a cultural crossroads where French finesse meets German gusto. Tucked… Read full article

  • Norie Quintos Cycles The Dordogne

    Reflections On A Bike Tour Of The Dordogne Q & A With Norie Quintos Norie Quintos is an Editor at Large at Nat Geo Travel Media, as well as a content strategist advising destinations and travel companies. This is her… Read full article

  • Enjoying the Lakes of Austria and Slovenia

    Eastern Austria is less frequented by Americans than, say, Vienna or Salzburg. But while it cannot rival the historic and cultural significance of those three-star attractions, it can certainly hold its own as a place of great beauty and comfortable… Read full article

  • Starr and another rider enjoy the views in Patagonia's Lakes District with ExperiencePlus!

    Bicycle Patagonia: It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

    By ExperiencePlus! travelers Starr and Phil Teague The Patagonia Lakes District Plus! the Island of Chiloé bicycle trip was one of our best vacation experiences ever. The biking was challenging and fun, the scenery was varied and beautiful, the food… Read full article

  • The Dolomites

    11 Things I Love About Bicycling Venice and the Dolomites

    By ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader Gabriel Donati Looking for a bicycle ride that crosses cultural and geographical regions? Where you’ll see a radical change in scenery from the first to the last day?  A ride that takes you from the seaside with sand and… Read full article

  • Czech Republic

    6 Reasons to Bicycle the Czech Republic

    As a new mother (Lidia turned two a few months ago), I haven’t been on many bike tours the past 3 years, but this past summer I was able to manage one 11-day trip …and took Lidia with me! We… Read full article

  • Cyclist Seeks Puglian Cheese and Curious Cows

    Selecting a bonus “theme” to take with me on my ExperiencePlus! cycling trips has always enhanced my excitement and sense of discovery about an area. When I found out I would be going on the Cycling Puglia Plus! the Ionian… Read full article

  • Bicycling the Italian Lakes

    Several years ago a friend gave me a fridge magnet featuring the Madonna del Ghisallo – the Patron Saint of Bicyclist. I was thrilled and immediately affixed the magnet to the top tube of my touring bike and felt as… Read full article

  • Bicycling Bavaria’s Back Roads

    Join ExperiencePlus! this summer to Bicycle Bavaria’s Back Roads and discover a wonderful mixture of history, and the fairy tale landscapes of the brothers Grimm.  Today some of the best-preserved towns and villages from the 15th through the 18th century… Read full article

  • Cycling and Sampling in Chile’s Wine Country

    Chile’s central valley is home to many of Chile’s top wineries, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains it’s the perfect climate for growing grapes. Landscapes are reminiscent of Napa, California and cyclists will discover 201 level rides… Read full article

  • 40th Anniversary Bike Across Italy

    By ExperiencePlus! traveler Tamsen Granger I just got back from the ExperiencePlus! 40th Anniversary Bike Across Italy Tour – Pisa to Venice- what a trip! It was 12 days of extraordinary food, fun, sights, and, oh yes, rides in the… Read full article

  • Cycling the Languedoc

    Read full article

  • A Healing Journey

    By ExperiencePlus! Traveler Sally LaVenture Our dream had been to ride bikes through the Italian countryside on my 60th birthday. But life got in the way, or really I should say, death changed my reality. My husband, Charley, was diagnosed… Read full article

  • que dia es hoy – patagonia

    This month we’d like to share a very entertaining blog from Hess Kim who was on the December 10 – 20, 2011, Bicycling Patagonia’s Lake District Plus! the Island of Chiloé trip. She uses photos with short captions to share… Read full article

  • How I Bicycled Across Italy In 12 Days

    By ExperiencePlus! traveler JR Meda June 11: My wife, Cheri and I had waited a year to finally fly from Denver to Frankfurt, Germany on the 1st segment of our dream vacation to bicycle across Italy in celebration of our… Read full article

  • Adventures in Tuscany

    June Wheeler and her partner Peter Herzog hail from the flatlands of Minnesota and completed their 7th ExperiencePlus! tour, Bicycling the Best of Southern Tuscany Plus! Florence in September 2011.  June kept a blog throughout the trip and whether or… Read full article

  • Cycling Northern Argentina – Get Off the Beaten Path

    Would you like to ride through multi-colored canyons, rich tropical and cloud forests, green valleys dotted with vineyards and estancias, across surreal salt flats, through mountain valleys? Northern Argentina has all of this and more. Do you enjoy a challenge?… Read full article

  • Carcassonne

    New in France – Cycling the Languedoc

    Cycling the Languedoc (Plus! French Catalonia) With a variety of landscapes bathed by the Mediterranean sun and connected with a vast network of small country roads that extend from the sea to the mountains, the Languedoc is a region ideally… Read full article