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Cash in Scandinavia?

With Sweden leading the way in Scandinavia with going cashless, other Scandinavian countries are following closely behind. Alongside Sweden, also Norway and Denmark prefer credit cards and electronic payment forms over cash. That means while traveling, you won’t need an ATM and can get by entirely with your credit card.

This is quite convenient as it will relieve you from needing to find cash machines, carrying cash around, and carrying leftover currency back home with you.

  • The currencies in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are are all called the local version of crown (krona and krone). See conversion rates.
  • Cash is no longer common in these countries, so you won’t need to bring or get any cash when traveling to these destinations.
  • More tips on Handling Money on Tour before you travel.

Going cashless does somewhat complicate tipping your Tour Leaders so we hope to help you out by offering to process your tipping payment here at our office. You have the following two options if you are joining any of our tours that end in Sweden or Norway:

  • Add your desired tipping amount in advance to your final payment invoice. Once you receive the final payment reminder email, let our office know that you would like to add tip and we can process your chosen amount along with your final payment.
  • If you prefer to not tip in advance, you may contact the office before the last day of your tour by email at and have us process your tipping amount.
  • More information on tipping your Tour Leaders.